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Are Cashews Good For You | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on May 26, 2022

Are Cashews Good For You | L’Orenta Nuts

There is no doubt that when you come across cashew nuts, the first thing you’ll wonder yourself is, are cashews good for you? The popular nut known to thrive in subtropical climates is in high demand globally because there is so much to gain from it. It is the reason why cashew nuts are suitable for everyone. They are packed full of various nutrients that play many health roles in the body. They are used as a dessert in multiple cultures and also serve as a combination for a variety of meals. There are various known myths about cashews. 

Are They Nuts

In the world’s general view, especially regarding classification, they are a nut. However, looking at it realistically, they are not only nuts, they are also known as drupe seeds. They grow on a false fruit known as the cashew apple. This is the fruit of the cashew nut is known as a drupe. Hence the reason why you can also refer to them as a drupe seed. From another perspective, you can classify the fleshy part as a fruit while the kidney-shaped hard part as a nut. So technically, with this understanding, you can also refer to it as a nut. 

Are Cashew Keto

Keto happens to be a diet that has to do with nut consumption.

Raw-cashew-heart-www Lorentanuts Com Raw Cashews

Although the keto diet is a nut-friendly diet, not all nuts are accepted into this family. The reason is that they are nuts that contain lots of carbs. The nuts that are ideal for a keto diet have to contain very low carb content plus healthy fat. That’s what makes them suit the keto description. Knowing fully well that they are high in carbs, they certainly don’t fit into the keto diet. 

Purchasing consumable cashew products from renowned platforms like L’Orenta Gourmets Nut and Goodies is vital for your health. Especially when they are healthy products like roasted salted cashew, which you can get here. However, there is a fact that consuming at least 60 cashew nuts is equivalent to 20 grams per day of keto. It is the daily limit of carbs. You can now see that consuming them in many quantities will exceed the carbs limit, which means they don’t fit the description of keto, which is supposed to be low on carbs. They are not keto because they contain more carbs and less fat.

Are They Legumes

We now know that they are nuts and drupe seeds, but are cashews legumes? A lot of individuals today often confuse them for being legumes, and this has sparked a lot of debate on various occasions. From a better understanding of legumes, you should know whether you will place them as one.

Legumes come from plants that produce edible seeds in pods. To gain access to the edible seeds, the pods have to be split open. Some of the most common legumes you’ll come across are beans. Interestingly, some nuts can also be referred to as legumes. Peanuts, for instance, fits that category. Cashews are similar to peanuts in terms of their splitting. Cashews split down the middle like peanuts. However, since cashews have a hard body covering the drupe seed rather than a pod, they are not legumes. 

Cashew Benefits

Are Cashews good for you? This question has left some people pondering. There are so many benefits you can gain from cashew consumption. Here are some:

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases: Since they are known to contain healthy fat, they are great for preventing cardiovascular diseases. It is so because healthy fat is good for the heart because it keeps the heart-healthy. Interestingly, they are also free from cholesterol.

Cancer Prevention: Consuming these nuts help reduce the

Roasted-and-salted-cashews-top-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Italian Biscotti

risk of cancer. There is a flavonol in these nuts known as proanthocyanidins. It helps prevent tumor cells from spreading throughout the body, preventing cancer from occurring.

Weight Loss: They contain healthy fat, which is good for the body. Because, unlike the regular fat that produces bad cholesterol, the healthy fat in cashews produces good cholesterol, which keeps you satiated for a while. 3-5 times a day, the consumption of them will help you manage your weight properly. You can get good cashew products like butter toffee cashews for daily consumption here

Gives Energy: Are you athletic, and you’re looking to boost your energy? There are many energy-boosting minerals you can gain from cashew consumption. The antioxidants in them are known to boost your body’s immunity which could help boost your energy. Wasabi Soy Cashews from  L’Orenta are some cashew products that will help with boosting your energy. You can get them here.

Final Thoughts

Are Cashews good for you or not? If you ask yourself this question, you can rest assured that cashews play various vital roles beneficial to your health. This article shows why you need to incorporate cashews into your meal and daily food consumption. Visit L’Orenta Gourmets Nut and Goodies to buy your favorite cashew products today.

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