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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a peanut allergy?

    Peanut allergy happens when your immune system categorizes proteins from peanuts as harmful. Direct or indirect contact with peanuts can cause your immune system to release symptom-causing chemicals into your blood stream.

  • What foods can trigger a peanut allergy?

    The short answer is any foods with nuts. You may find peanuts or tree nuts in baked goods, cookies, candy, pastries, pie crusts, and more.

  • Can a peanut allergy go away?

    Studies have shown that roughly 20-25% of children that experience a peanut allergy will outgrow it. 80% of children that do outgrow peanut allergy do so by the age of 8.

  • Is a peanut allergy genetic?

    Some studies suggest that the HLA-DR and -DQ gene region poses a significant genetic risk for peanut allergy. Researchers have pinpointed a region in the human genome showing strong evidence that genes can play a role in the development of food allergies.

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All Snacks at L’Orenta are a Real Hit!

L’Orenta has a batch of mixed nuts snacks that will be a favorite at your home, just as they are at so many others. You’ll find as many here as there are particular tastes among the people you serve. These are super for kids and grownups, at home, school, work, or out on an adventure. We guarantee that you’ll be utterly delighted with the freshness and quality of each. 

L’Orenta wants your family and friends to enjoy the happiness that comes with munching on quality, aromatic nut mix snacks. This is just what our great-great-grandfather did when he founded our company in 1934, following the nut roasting traditions he brought to this country from Europe. Along with holding to that same dedication to quality, we assure that each selection is fresh when it’s delivered to your door from our facility in San Antonio TX.

An added plus with many of our snacks is the benefit that comes with the health-promoting qualities of each. As you read on, make note of those with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You’re sure to love the antioxidant goodness associated with chocolate. Yummy now has a new meaning! When you’re making your nut snack mix selections you’ll see that you can order in one and five pound options. That way you can be sure to have plenty of everyone’s favorite snacks for your pantry or cupboard shelves. Or, perhaps enough to give as ‘thank you’ gifts!

Snack Happiness with Every Bite!

L’Orenta redefines the rich meaning of having a snack nut mix. That’s because our snacks are so full of flavor that you’ll be satisfied as never before. Enjoying every bite, savoring every morsel, adds to your happiness while taking care of your hunger.

Dark Chocolate Malted Milk Balls are a peanut-free, delectable snack that’s rich in dark chocolate, blending smoothly with the pleasing munch of each ball. These are a perfect snack to have around when out on the field or trail.

Milk Chocolate Banana Chips mix appealing banana sweetness with the luxurious melty taste of milk chocolate. Just think of these on their own or on top of your favorite ice cream!

L’Orenta Crunch is one of our exclusive products and a staff favorite! We’ve combined the flavors and varied textures of peanuts, toasted corn, and other yummy ingredients, offering you an out-of-the-ordinary snack. Enjoy this one with your favorite tea or brew!

Toasted Corn from L’Orenta is a best seller because ours have been lightly roasted and salted, adding to their fresh, unique flavor and crunch. Toss these on a salad or keep them on hand for when those hungry kids come home from school.

Our mixed nut snacks are sure to make your family happy when they’re hungry. Whether the snacks you select have nuts or not, you’re sure to find something that’s just right for everyone. 

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