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Showing 1–16 of 19 results

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Chocolate Covered Nuts and Seeds: Goodness from Inside to Out

Oh yum! Just reading the words “chocolate covered nuts” is enough to make a person’s mouth water and tingle in anticipation. That goes for people of all ages, from kids to folks seasoned by decades. Here’s how we make snacks and assorted chocolate covered nuts that appeal to so many. We begin with the freshest ingredients that go into our very own recipes. Then we prepare each purchase to order. Yes! The one that you receive fresh to your door was produced after we received notice of your purchase. 

When you open your shipment you’ll see that each one and five pound item you bought is wrapped in our colorful resealable bags. Thus you can rely on each item staying fresh until it’s finished. Of course, that won’t take long, given the quality and flavor of all the gourmet nuts and goodies we prepare here in our San Antonio TX facility. 

Added to all of that, each chocolate covered nuts gift you buy is packed with nutritional value. That means you’re supporting the well-being of your family, friends, and with whomever else you share these treats. Let’s begin from the inside out. Each handful of nuts and seeds adds protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your daily nutrition. These promote digestive wellness while boosting your immune system and heart health. The antioxidants in the nuts are enhanced by those in chocolate. That’s right! There’s another reason for loving that delectable covering in its many forms.

People have been loving L’Orenta since 1934 when our great-great-grandfather founded the company after arriving in the U.S. from Europe. Lucky us! He brought along his nut-roasting skills and recipes and one generation after the next has added recipes and exciting mixes to our story. Thank you for joining us as we create yet another chapter devoted to snacks for your family and many others.

There’s No Way to Pick Just One Chocolate Covered Nuts & Seeds Assortment

Speaking of stories, many of these assorted chocolate covered nuts options are indeed novel. We incorporate different ingredients or layers of flavor to create best seller choices, plus our exclusive selections. 

Bridge Mix begins with selecting the best quality raisins, almonds, and peanuts, then adding the dark, luxuriant chocolate that covers each morsel. Eat them by the piece or handful as either way is the hearty snack experience you’ve been longing for.

Pumpkin Pie Almonds is another best seller that’s wonderful in any season and anyplace! Kids love having these on cupcakes or mixed into cereal every now and again. You’ll love them when your energy level wanes, welcoming an inviting boost. That might be at work, at home, or out on an adventure. This is one way to take delicate pumpkin pie flavors anywhere you go!

Lemoncello Almonds are awaiting you. These are the best quality almonds that are deliciously wrapped in white chocolate with lemon cream. Yes, they are all dressed up and ready for your next party. Yet, why wait? They’re so enticing right out of the bag or added to your next dessert. Move over lemon meringue, the lemoncello crew just moved in. Oh yes, better clear out extra space on your pantry shelf for these darlings.

Milk Chocolate Cashews have a covering sheen that lets you know you are in for a simply exquisite treat. After all, this is a favorite nut covered with an extra special coating. This ultimately simple snack lifts your mood along with your energy. Eat some before lunch and more later when the day wears on. Of course, these work well when you’re having fun too!

Be sure to take your time reading about all of L’Orenta’s chocolate covered options as the above is just a tempting hint of all that’s in store for you! There are chocolate covered nuts gift assortments, one after another. And oh such much more!

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I love these products they’re so amazing from the taste to how convenient and fast they are to receive I highly recommend them!!!??
- Feby L


All the goodies were a hit at my baby shower! Will definitely be buying again!

- Cynthia S


Just ordered my fiancee peach rings and Boston baked beans, they are delicious!

- Ilene W


L’Orenta’s products are absolutely amazing. We sent out Christmas gifts to our clients last year and had great feedback. It sounds a little weird, but my favorite are the white chocolate covered gummy bears. No lie.

- Aaron W


L’Orenta Nuts are amazing! My sister introduced them to me last summer and they’ve been my go-to snack ever since. I love giving L’orenta snacks as gifts as they are always a hit with friends and family. If you are looking for a delicious, quality snack for yourself or a friend, I highly, highly recommend L’orenta. You will not be disappointed.

- Lori A


Great stuff L’Orenta. Will definitely order again.

- Andrew S


Excellent customer care. Sandy Cessna went above and beyond providing total satisfaction to my purchase. Thank you Sandy, I’ll be back with more orders soon.

- Francis D


I’ve heard about L’orenta Nuts from friends, and I ordered a package to see what they were talking about… well, it’s unbelievable tasty, fresh and just nothing like I tasted before!!! Don’t waste your time and order yours today!!! I’ll definitely will recommend them to friends and family!!

- Moran T


Very quick and professional. The quality of the products are extremely nice and high end. Worth every penny! I will be buying again!

- Chris S


These are the coolest almonds I have ever seen! They are just as delicious as they look!

- Adrian V


I highly recommend L’Orenta, the quality is awesome and the nuts are always fresh! Not to mention the customer service always goes over and beyond!

- Erika M
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