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L’Orenta is Calling on All Cashew Lovers!

Cashew fans are a very loyal group. They favor gourmet cashews above all other nuts, though are happy to mix their favorite within an array of gourmet nut mixes and selections. We at L’Orenta can almost bet how many true cashew lovers there are amongst your family and friends. 

Before we get into placing bets, here’s a quick inventory of cashew tidbits to share. Why, you could even make it into a game to determine whose knowledge of cashews goes beyond appreciation for their flavor and delicacy.

Fun cashew tidbits:

  • They grow on a tropical evergreen
  • Cashews are really seeds
  • They’re a good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber
  • Plus, they have polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids that promote healthy cholesterol levels 
  • Cashews are now being used to make dairy alternatives, like sour cream 
  • Even though they’re a seed, they’re considered to be a tree nut 

Speaking of tidbits, it’s good to know that the cashew gifts you order and send to family and friends nearby or states away will arrive fresh. To begin with, we order the best cashews, assuring that each one and five pound selection is consistent from one batch to the next. That quality, and our careful processing, means that the health-promoting benefits of your order are retained. 

Added to the health benefits noted above, you can order cashews online that include gluten, wheat, soy, or dairy free options. Plus, our products are wrapped in colorful, resealable bags, ready to stack on your pantry shelf or tuck away in an office cabinet. After all, as a cashew lover, you should be able to enjoy your favorite seedy nut whenever the mood strikes!

Our great-great-grandfather founded the company in 1934 when he struck out on his own, coming to the U.S. from Europe. He brought his love for roasting nuts with him, selling them to friends and neighbors. L’Orenta is now in its fifth generation of operation as we ship our gourmet cashew nuts and other goodies to you from our facility in San Antionio TX.  

Why Order One Cashew Selection When More Will Do?

Over the years we’ve learned that cashew lovers are happy to mix it up a bit as long as their favorite is the center of attention. That sure is the case with each of these cashew-centered products! 

Roasted and Salted Cashews beckon the cashew purist who wants a deletable crunch combined with just the right amount of salt. When you order these delicious cashew nuts online you are assured you can indulge in pure eating enjoyment. Try these with salad or a simple dessert that blends well, such as your favorite mousse.

Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews are a hearty snack that is a staff favorite! These are drizzled with a chocolate toffee blend rounded out with a hint of sea salt. This indeed creates a cashew lover’s experience of the expansive variety. In fact, this is one to add to your cashew gifts list, surprising friends who share your fondness for this nut…or, is it really a seed?

Butter Toffee Cashews are a delightful party in a bag! Yet, how delightful to have them with a workday lunch, lifting your energy and putting a sweet toffee smile on your face. The toffee coating melts in your mouth, followed by that scrumptious cashew crunch. Mmmm, bet you can’t wait to place an order!

White Chocolate Toffee Cashews are a crowning glory all by themselves! The coating is so smooth that you want it to linger just a bit longer. Alas, you’ll need to eat more. These are a marvelous treat for dinner guests, or as an early morning treat at your waterside rental. Add this gourmet cashews option to fruit salad or with a fresh fruit topping for French toast. Simply elegant…

Because you are a true cashew lover we know that you have developed a list of ways to enjoy this evergreen grown delight. Just be sure to order plenty when you buy cashew nuts online from L’Orenta

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I love these products they’re so amazing from the taste to how convenient and fast they are to receive I highly recommend them!!!??
- Feby L


All the goodies were a hit at my baby shower! Will definitely be buying again!

- Cynthia S


Just ordered my fiancee peach rings and Boston baked beans, they are delicious!

- Ilene W


L’Orenta’s products are absolutely amazing. We sent out Christmas gifts to our clients last year and had great feedback. It sounds a little weird, but my favorite are the white chocolate covered gummy bears. No lie.

- Aaron W


L’Orenta Nuts are amazing! My sister introduced them to me last summer and they’ve been my go-to snack ever since. I love giving L’orenta snacks as gifts as they are always a hit with friends and family. If you are looking for a delicious, quality snack for yourself or a friend, I highly, highly recommend L’orenta. You will not be disappointed.

- Lori A


Great stuff L’Orenta. Will definitely order again.

- Andrew S


Excellent customer care. Sandy Cessna went above and beyond providing total satisfaction to my purchase. Thank you Sandy, I’ll be back with more orders soon.

- Francis D


I’ve heard about L’orenta Nuts from friends, and I ordered a package to see what they were talking about… well, it’s unbelievable tasty, fresh and just nothing like I tasted before!!! Don’t waste your time and order yours today!!! I’ll definitely will recommend them to friends and family!!

- Moran T


Very quick and professional. The quality of the products are extremely nice and high end. Worth every penny! I will be buying again!

- Chris S


These are the coolest almonds I have ever seen! They are just as delicious as they look!

- Adrian V


I highly recommend L’Orenta, the quality is awesome and the nuts are always fresh! Not to mention the customer service always goes over and beyond!

- Erika M
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