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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a peanut allergy?

    Peanut allergy happens when your immune system categorizes proteins from peanuts as harmful. Direct or indirect contact with peanuts can cause your immune system to release symptom-causing chemicals into your blood stream.

  • What foods can trigger a peanut allergy?

    The short answer is any foods with nuts. You may find peanuts or tree nuts in baked goods, cookies, candy, pastries, pie crusts, and more.

  • Can a peanut allergy go away?

    Studies have shown that roughly 20-25% of children that experience a peanut allergy will outgrow it. 80% of children that do outgrow peanut allergy do so by the age of 8.

  • Is a peanut allergy genetic?

    Some studies suggest that the HLA-DR and -DQ gene region poses a significant genetic risk for peanut allergy. Researchers have pinpointed a region in the human genome showing strong evidence that genes can play a role in the development of food allergies.

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Take L’Orenta Nut & Fruit Mixes Wherever You Go!

One thing’s for sure, in your busy life you have places to go and people to see! Some are family and friends and others are work associates. Whether you’re a homebody or someone who seeks the open road, L’Orenta has one dried fruit and nut mix after another to take along. Each one makes a fun sidekick that kicks your hunger while giving you rich nutrition and lasting energy.

L’Orenta has long made it our practice to select the highest quality, most fresh ingredients for each and every fruit and nut snack mix. This assures that you get the full value of the heart healthy fats and digestive fiber contained within each assortment. Even those that are a combination of chocolate, fruit, and nut mix well together to give you a rainbow of nourishment. They contain potassium and other protective compounds that help to limit inflammation. All of this means that your risk for some chronic illnesses is reduced. Best of all, you can start promoting your health by viewing our dried fruit and nut mix today! Then order a selection to try out wherever you go.

The history of our company started with our great-great-grandfather coming to this country from Europe and founding the business in 1934. His customers came to rely on the exceptional quality of his nut products, spreading the word to their neighbors. We have grown since, developing new products year after year. Yet, nuts and dried fruits are central to our product line. It means a lot to us, knowing that we can ship all of these mixes fresh to your door, wherever you live! Each is packaged in a resealable bag, boxed up in one and five pound packages and shipped to you from our plant in San Antonio TX. You’re then ready to hand out our gourmet nuts at home, at work, or wherever you go when you’re out and about. 

Find Yourself a Fruit & Nut Mix with Purpose!

That’s right! You can select a fruit and nut mix that matches what you want to experience. It might one to give you  a boost of energy or lasting endurance. Or, you’re interested in a fruit and nut snack mix to aid your recovery from a bout with the common cold or an all-night writing session. Whatever the reason, including plain old loving a nice chocolate, fruit, and nut mix when your stomach’s grumbling, we have something made to order!

Recovery Mix combines diced apple with pumpkin seeds and three wonderful nuts to keep you going through all you have to do. It’s sure to brighten your day and gently lift your energy just when you need it most.

Walnut Mix is a L’Orenta exclusive that has the quality so many long for when they’re on a long haul on the road or the trail. We’ve combined two dried fruits with two favorite nuts to give you just the level of endurance you need to round the next corner or cross the country.

Protein Punch is a fruit and nut mix that’s almost more of a hug, as it embraces you with the staying power of protein, rather than the annoying lift and crash of sugar. Keep some by your side for the mid-morning or mid-afternoon lag. Or, maybe when you do need a creative punch to get that new design up and running!

Endurance Mix is a hearty fruit and nut mix for anyone who has a job to do, that being one that needs your full attention. Let’s face it, that applies to just about everyone, from those taking care of each and every home, to all those who make your community tick. Given that, this mix is one to order in multiples, as you can give the special people with whom you cross paths a ‘thank you’ to keep them fit and healthy while they work.

It’s true, L’Orenta Nut & Fruit Mixes belong on your pantry shelf and those of your family and friends. Wherever you go, and whatever your purpose, you’ll be happy you brought a dried fruit and nut mix along!


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