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  • What is a peanut allergy?

    Peanut allergy happens when your immune system categorizes proteins from peanuts as harmful. Direct or indirect contact with peanuts can cause your immune system to release symptom-causing chemicals into your blood stream.

  • What foods can trigger a peanut allergy?

    The short answer is any foods with nuts. You may find peanuts or tree nuts in baked goods, cookies, candy, pastries, pie crusts, and more.

  • Can a peanut allergy go away?

    Studies have shown that roughly 20-25% of children that experience a peanut allergy will outgrow it. 80% of children that do outgrow peanut allergy do so by the age of 8.

  • Is a peanut allergy genetic?

    Some studies suggest that the HLA-DR and -DQ gene region poses a significant genetic risk for peanut allergy. Researchers have pinpointed a region in the human genome showing strong evidence that genes can play a role in the development of food allergies.

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It’s Time to Buy a Bunch of L’Orenta Nuts & Seeds!

When you think about it, any time of year is good for buying nuts and seeds online. You’ll find every type you can imagine, and then some, here at L’Orenta. Our aim is to please customers with variety and quality that cannot be matched elsewhere.

This philosophy has been handed down through five generations from our great-great-grandfather who started the company in 1934, not long after he arrived from Europe. He brought with him a love for roasting nuts, plus the skill to do so. He also came with a batch of recipes for various mixes. That has led to where we are today, making sure you have everything you could want when you’re ready to buy nuts and seeds online.

Our many, many nuts and seeds products offer you wishes for good health, along with deep and varied flavors. Actually, our wishes are combined with the real deal, as we select nuts and seeds that are the freshest quality, meaning that you get the full benefit of their health-promoting attributes. Even the fun ones with an outer layer of sweet chocolate or crunchy candy cane have the fiber, vitamins, and minerals that make nuts such a good go-to snack. Added to that are their antioxidants that help you get rid of free radicals, often brought on by stress. That’s right! Each mouthful of flavor boosts energy while reducing hunger and toxins.

We want to be sure you know that another aim we have is prompt, fresh delivery of your package when you buy nuts and seeds online. Each one and five pound order is packed in our colorful, resealable bags, helping your purchase to stay fresh from day one. Please be prepared that the aroma and flavor of all our gourmet nuts and goodies means that they go quickly. Suddenly the kids want nuts with lunch and after school. They’re even interested in trying some in their cereal…most amazing!

Deluxe, Roasted, Covered, or Natural: Take Your Pick!

One of the things we here at L’Orenta love about nuts is their flexibility. They dress up nicely in a variety of ways and are happy to keep company with each other, as well as seeds, assorted seasonings, and coatings. That’s one reason that nuts are an all around good friend! 

Chocolate Covered Cashews is a really good example of nut flexibility when it comes to flavor. This category includes those covered with milk chocolate and white chocolate with other delectable additions. Here you’ll find products perfect to wrap up as party favors or as a mouth-watering dessert topping.

Deluxe Mixed Nuts is a hearty L’Orenta exclusive that combines four of your favorite nuts. This blend works well in any type of salad. Or, try it out on your next adventure day as it’s packed with protein and is as long on flavor as are your hours of having fun.

Whole Natural Almonds have an extra benefit as they’re free of dairy, peanut, wheat, and gluten. These are perfect if you want the purest, most fresh almond flavor around. What fun to mix them in with something you’re baking, or dropped atop a thick, rich frosting.

Roasted Salted Pumpkin Seeds, also known as pepitas, are a hearty snack with delightful green coloring. They’re marvelous when sprinkled on soup, like a rich butternut squash blend. They add wonderful, crunchy flavor along with an array of goodness when mixed with a fruit or vegetable salad, or stirred into a serving of hummus. All that in one perky seed!

Be sure to set aside plenty of time to wander our online nuts and seeds ‘aisles,’ as there’s plenty more in store for you when you buy nuts and seeds online for your family and friends. Stock up now so there’s enough for everyone!

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