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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a peanut allergy?

    Peanut allergy happens when your immune system categorizes proteins from peanuts as harmful. Direct or indirect contact with peanuts can cause your immune system to release symptom-causing chemicals into your blood stream.

  • What foods can trigger a peanut allergy?

    The short answer is any foods with nuts. You may find peanuts or tree nuts in baked goods, cookies, candy, pastries, pie crusts, and more.

  • Can a peanut allergy go away?

    Studies have shown that roughly 20-25% of children that experience a peanut allergy will outgrow it. 80% of children that do outgrow peanut allergy do so by the age of 8.

  • Is a peanut allergy genetic?

    Some studies suggest that the HLA-DR and -DQ gene region poses a significant genetic risk for peanut allergy. Researchers have pinpointed a region in the human genome showing strong evidence that genes can play a role in the development of food allergies.

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Shop The Largest Variety of Fresh Trail Mixes at L'Orenta Nuts

Trail mixes to Take Along, Wherever You Go!

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the trail you go! It may be you’re in for a full day on a mountain, or a long one at the office. Either way, L’Orenta has trail mix snacks that offer you the energy and surprise to keep going. Surprise, what’s that? Our mixes have chocolate gems or other sorts of chocolate tidbits to entice you. Every bite will take the edge off any hunger and put a smile on your face.

We know that time on the trail can be arduous at times. That’s often the case, even when you’ve been looking forward to this adventure for a while. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a variety of trail mixes, several that combine nuts and those sweet chocolate gems with dried fruits. Regardless of which trail mix snack packs you choose, you’re sure to gain health benefits along with an energy boost to keep you going.

One trail mix after another bestows the fiber, vitamins, and minerals contained in dried fruits and nuts. You’ll benefit from antioxidants, including those contained in chocolate. The gems and other chocolates offer a quick energy boost while the nut protein sustains a smooth energy level over the coming hours. Plus, many of the nuts contain heart healthy fatty acids, keeping you fit while you kick up your heels, whether that’s out and about, at the gym, or taking a few laps around the office.

When you buy your trail mix from L’Orenta, it is shipped fresh to you from our plant in San Antonio TX. Each one and five pound product you select is neatly wrapped in our resealable bags, so you can easily tuck yours into a backpack or briefcase. We can’t imagine what our great-great-grandfather would say about all the gourmet nuts and goodies we ship here, there, and everywhere! He founded the company in 1934 with a philosophy of providing his community with freshly roasted nuts that were hearty and wholesome. We hold to that standard today with each trail mix we create.  

Over Hill, Over Dale, There’s Always Another Trail…Mix, that Is!

Here at L’Orenta we love to get outside! Whether it’s in the water, on a mountain, or one kind of court or another, we love the energy and camaraderie that await us. Bring these along to make your day bright and beautiful!

Extreme Trail Mix is extremely good! It is a staff favorite and one of our exclusive mixes. It’s a tantalizing blend of six ingredients, including our lively chocolate gems. This mix brightens a birthday party as much as it does year-round trail celebrations. Dog sledding, anyone?

Explorer Trail Mix is for more than the scouts in your crew! Plus, it’s a lucky seven combo of almonds, seeds, and dried fruits, topped off by those colorful chocolate gems we adore. You will too! This exclusive mix is a staff favorite as it lifts their energy and is easy to munch while on the go. Whether you’re heading out for fun, or facing an all consuming project, make sure you explore this treat.

Harvest Trail Mix brings to mind all of the bounty that awaits us at the end of a growing season. This is one to bring along when you head out to the garden, field, or orchard to reap the rewards of your efforts. Plus, this blend is akin to the palette of colors that autumn brings. Celebrate this mix with mulled cider or a local brew.

GORP by L’Orenta is an exclusive that bursts with the flavor of peanuts blended with our chocolate gems and other goodies. It’s indeed a cut above what you might expect, plus boosts your energy when you most need it. Sure, that might be at a school or office desk, or just as dusk is shadowing the trail ahead. Turn on your headlamp, pop in a few mouthfuls, and home you head!

L’Orenta Chocolate Trail Mix in many ways is the piece de resistance of our trail mixes. Besides being an exclusive that receives staff rave reviews, we simply L’Ove it! Think of it this way, peanuts plus almonds, chocolate gems, banana chips, and raisins is like your favorite dessert in a bag. Handy, ready to go, and no fuss. Just lots of flavor and fanfare!

Now it’s your turn to look over our trail mix snack packs more closely, along with our other fantastic gourmet nuts and goodies. You may be going out, or staying in; with any of these, you’re sure to win!!

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We will do our best to make things right.

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I just got my shipment of nuts that I ordered for stress purposes. They are the freshest and best tasting I have EVER had. Thank you!



Top quality is all I have to say about these amazing product lines! Would highly recommend to anyone!

- Feby L


My mom bought this for me. I love nuts and dried fruit is delicious. I enjoy the mixture and the pumpkin seeds are delicious as well.

- Joanna B


I ordered the Milk Chocolate Pretzels and Double Dip Peanuts. The package arrived extremely fast and the box looks very elegant. I have already opened both bags and they are delicious!! No melting because it was shipped with a cold pack! I recommend L’Orenta Nuts to anyone looking to indulge themselves with delectable treats!

- Joe F


Stroopwafel Time!! #lorenta #stroopwafel

- Brandon K


These white chocolate coconut almonds are amazing! The flavor is unique and not overpowering. You can tell the nuts and chocolate are high quality. The nuts are fresh and the chocolate is silky! It’s impossible to eat just 1! Please keep these in stock forever!

- Brandy B
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Reasons to Buy From L'Orenta


Family Owned

L’Orenta Nuts is proud to be a family owned business. Our family has been committed to providing exceptional products and exceptional service above all since the beginning and these family values are at the core of our business.


Made in the USA

L’Orenta Nuts is proud to be an American business with European influences. Our delicious goodies are proudly sourced and prepared with L’Ove in the USA. This is just another sign of our commitment to providing superior products and service while supporting the local economy at the same time.


Charitable Company

Our charitable values remain one of our top priorities, and L’Orenta Nuts is always eager to find new ways to give back. As part of our commitment to ending hunger, we regularly donate products and financial support to the San Antonio Food Bank and other worthy causes.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

L’Orenta Nuts stands behind the superior quality of all of our products which is why we’re pleased to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event you are unhappy with our products or service, please let us know and we will take every step we can to make it right.


Customer Service

At L’Orenta Nuts, we aim to treat every client like family. When you call us, you’ll speak directly with a member of our team so we can provide you with the exemplary customer service we’re known for.


Free Shipping Options

We know shipping costs can be NUTS! That’s why we take care of the shipping costs on many of our products for you. We also regularly offer special promotions for free shipping options, so be sure to check in regularly to find out how you can save on these costs.