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Showing all 16 results

Covered Nuts from L'Orenta Nuts

Chocolate Covered & Candy Coated Nuts – A Little Something Extra 

It’s a dilemma that has plagued millions of households and minds: Should I eat this nut covered in chocolate or should I eat this naked, unsalted almond?

The answer is easy: Everyone knows the best nuts are coated in chocolate, coconut, or other sweet toppings to add more flavor than just plain old nuts. Who doesn’t love a little variety now and then? 

Coating nuts in chocolate or candy makes them much more fun to eat. There is something so satisfying about how crispy the outside gets when it melts in your mouth, giving way to a melody of flavors and textures that can’t be beat. 

Explore our range of delicious chocolate covered and candy coated nuts at L’Orenta. Choose from:

Coated Nuts (such as yogurt-covered almonds & double dipped peanuts): For the perfect mix of sweet and salty, it doesn’t get better than our chocolate covered nuts and candy coated nuts. Have them on their own or add to your trail mix for a sweet surprise.

Coated Nuts Mix (such as Banana Split Mix, Picasso’s Party, Sweet & Salty Craze, & Sporty Sea Salt Snack): For a supreme snack, explore incredible mixes filled with your favorite fruit and nuts, sure to delight any palate.

If you want to up your snacking game, you can choose from numerous options to find the right mix from L’Orenta Nuts. Our nuts and nut mixes make for excellent gifts, especially during the holiday season. Whether yogurt-covered, honey toasted or amped with a touch of wasabi heat, the tantalizing mix of sweet and salty is bound to spark taste buds.

Try our coated nuts for the ultimate flavorful gift!


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Our Customers L'Ove Us


I love these products they’re so amazing from the taste to how convenient and fast they are to receive I highly recommend them!!!??
- Feby L


All the goodies were a hit at my baby shower! Will definitely be buying again!

- Cynthia S


Just ordered my fiancee peach rings and Boston baked beans, they are delicious!

- Ilene W


L’Orenta’s products are absolutely amazing. We sent out Christmas gifts to our clients last year and had great feedback. It sounds a little weird, but my favorite are the white chocolate covered gummy bears. No lie.

- Aaron W


L’Orenta Nuts are amazing! My sister introduced them to me last summer and they’ve been my go-to snack ever since. I love giving L’orenta snacks as gifts as they are always a hit with friends and family. If you are looking for a delicious, quality snack for yourself or a friend, I highly, highly recommend L’orenta. You will not be disappointed.

- Lori A