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 Trail Mix Selections for Every Taste  | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on April 13, 2022

Trail Mix Selections for Every Taste | L’Orenta Nuts

Although trail mixes have been around for more than 100 years, they have never been more popular. Sales of trail mixes exceed $1 billion dollars annually. Here is a trail mix selections for every taste. 

Trail mixes have evolved and changed significantly over the years. Once known as  primarily a mixture of raisins and peanuts, trail mix now refers to any combination of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, and even chocolate.   Trail mixes are not the same as snack mixes which include candy type food, as well as chips, pretzels and nuggets.

Trail mix got its name because it was developed as a nutritious food that was easy to take along on hikes.  Today for the same reasons of portability and nutrition, it is a very popular snack or mini-meal among young millennials and Gen Zs.  According to How America’s Eating Habits Are Changing, a report from New York-based Private Label Manufacturers Association, 50% of millennials average at least four meals or snacks per day, and 7 percent say they snack or graze throughout the day.  Hiking is not required! These snacks account for as much as 25 percent of all calories consumed among these groups.

Generally speaking, these consumers, and you can add boomers to that list, are seeking high protein, high carb snacks that are nutritious, filling and provide energy.

There are literally hundreds of trail mix combinations possible out of an almost endless mixture of dried fruits, seeds, grains, nuts,and chocolates. They can be eaten roasted,  raw, seasoned, plain, sweet, savory, spicy and bold.  They may reflect specific ethnicities, regions and cultures. 

L’Orenta Gourmet Nuts and Goodies is proud to feature one of the largest trail mix selections online.  All the major categories of trail mixes are available; there is a trail mix for everyone’s liking!  Below we explain each type, and what makes each of them distinctive, yet tasty; nutritious, and easy to eat; anytime, anywhere!

L’Orenta House

Chocolate Mixes: these are trail mixes that include at least one chocolate item.  Selections include:

Simply Delicious Trail Mix featuring double dipped peanuts, -

roasted and salted cashews, dried cranberries, golden raisins, and roasted and salted peanuts. Cashew Bridge Mix, featuring caramelized chocolate and sea salt cashews, white chocolate toffee cashews, and chocolate bridge mix (milk chocolate covered raisins, almonds, and peanuts, along with rich dark chocolate, but we don’t stop there! It also includes vanilla and raspberry cremes coated with semi-sweet milk chocolate. All are polished for a beautiful glossy shine).  

Dried Fruit Mixes: these mixes contain only dried fruit products; no nuts, no chocolates. Selections include:

Fruity Tooty Mix features diced pineapples, sweetened banana chips, dried kiwi, diced mango, and dried pears. This colorful and tasty mix not only makes a handy snack, but it’s also a snack with plenty of Vitamin C! We also feature the Fruity Four Mix that includes the delicious combination of diced pineapple, dried kiwi, whole strawberries, and a dash of banana chips! You benefit from a healthy dose of vitamin C and antioxidants courtesy of the kiwi and pineapple, helping fight disease and suppress inflammation. It’s the perfect snack for any occasion.


Mixes with Seeds:

These mixes do not include chocolates but include seeds such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Selections from L’Orenta include:

Mountain Mix, featuring roasted and salted cashews, roasted

Mountain-mix-pers-view-www Lorentanuts Com Trail mix

and salted peanuts, roasted and salted pumpkin seeds (pepitas), dried cranberries and seedless raisins. This classic selection provides a satisfying sweet and fruity twist. Each ingredient was specially chosen for it’s energizing properties. Healthy Harvest Mix. This trail mix includes roasted and salted pumpkin seeds (pepitas), roasted & salted cashews, roasted and salted almonds, roasted and salted Sunflower seeds, and seedless raisins. The perfect combination for great taste and immediate energy. 

Nut and Dried Fruit Mixes: these mixes include dried fruits and nuts only. No chocolates.   Selections include the Healthy Harvest Mix described above.

Natural Mixes: these mixes only include natural and raw ingredients, no roasted and salted, no chocolates, no snack components.  Selection include: 

Keto Mix is free of  any salt and oil, containing only natural pecan halves, whole natural almonds and chandler walnut halves and pieces.  This mix is rich in vitamins and healthy fats with anti-inflammatory benefits. Keto Krave Mix only includes natural pecan halves, macadamia nuts and sliced blanched almonds. Completely natural and free from added salt, These quality gourmet nuts are a wholesome snack rich in health enhancing calcium and magnesium.

Roasted and Salted Mixes

L’Orenta selections include the wonderful Select Mixed Nuts. This mix includes roasted and salted almonds, roasted and salted cashews, natural brazil nuts, natural pecan halves and natural hazelnut filberts, all providing high energy and lots of protein.

Trail Mixes: these are the classic trail mixes that include a chocolate gem, dried fruit, peanuts: the classic items for a trail mix.  Selections include:

L’Orenta’s classic  Extreme Trail Mix featuring L’Orenta’s

Extreme-trail-mix-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com Chocolate Trailmix

famous Chocolate Gems, dried cranberries, seedless raisins, golden raisins, roasted and salted almonds and diced pineapples .  Our famous Chocolate Gems give you a sweet snack that’s great for your body. The almonds provide an excellent source of antioxidants and probiotics while the pineapple and raisins offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals. GORP Mix. This trail mix includes a tasty combination of L’Orenta chocolate gems, dried cranberries, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, and roasted and salted peanuts. The peanuts are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and many key vitamins and minerals, and the dried cranberries are a good source for fiber and antioxidants.

Snack Mixes

In this category are mixes that include a “snack” component.  If the mix includes, toasted corn, cajun sticks, rye chips etc. they will be listed in this category.  Our selections include:

L’Orenta Crunch is a  (you guessed it) crunchy blend of mustard pretzels, toasted corn, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds and peanuts are two great sources of plant-based protein, so not only will your salt cravings be satisfied, but you will get an energy boost at the same time! , and our famed South Texas Heat Mix. This mix achieves the perfect balance of sweet, heat, and salty by combining large pecan halves, butter toasted and honey toasted peanuts, and toasted corn and pumpkin seeds. The carefully balanced selection of nuts and raisins is a great performance booster as the nuts provide lasting sustenance that increases endurance while the fruit gives off instant energy.

There you have it!  L’Orenta is proud not only to have one of the largest selections of trail mixes on the internet, but that all these hundreds of mixes are made from family recipes, with the guarantee of quality and consistency. 

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