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Nuts for Christmas

Posted on October 11th, 2022
Christmas Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Nuts for Christmas. There’s no denying that it’s a particular time of year… From enjoying the festive atmosphere, singing old holiday tunes, and watching cheesy movies to donning matching sweaters, there’s no wrong way to celebrate. Here are some nuts for Christmas that you can’t go wrong with!

The holiday season is a special time of year, and there are many ways to celebrate it. Whether you enjoy the festive atmosphere, sing classic holiday songs, watch cheesy movies, or wear matching sweaters, there’s no wrong way to get into the spirit of the season. If you’re looking for a festive snack, you can’t go wrong with nuts for Christmas. Here are some of the best options to choose from!

Some Reasons Why Christmas Is The Best Time of The Year:

The Food 

The festive season tends to involve lots of food. Apart from the main meal itself, there’s an endless influx of baked goods, snacks, and sweets everywhere! December is that one month of the year where it’s always ok to indulge. In fact, you’re encouraged to do so. No guilt allowed – just fill up your plate with all your favorites and savor the moment. After all, it’s only Christmas once a year. 

Friends & Family

‘Tis the season to enjoy family time! From mid-December through New Year’s, there’s usually a million opportunities to get together and celebrate simply being in the same room. Oh, and don’t forget to bring snacks – they’re the best part of any Christmas party! 

The Lights

Beautiful displays of Christmas lights can cheer up even the Grinch. The winter months can be harsh, but it always feels warm and cozy around this time of year… There’s nothing quite like festive decorations to get you in the mood to celebrate. 

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Discover Some Of Our Nuts for Christmas

Holiday Tricolor Almonds

We coat premium quality almonds in red, white and green chocolate to create a delightful gourmet snack. Festive, crunchy, and sweet – our tricolor almonds are perfect for the holidays!

Eggnog Almonds

We promise you even people who don’t like traditional eggnog will love these eggnog almonds! These are fresh roasted almonds dipped in luscious white chocolate with a subtle hint of nutmeg for warmth. 

Candy Cane Almonds 

Irresistible – that’s what these candy cane almonds are. Pretty

Candy-cane-almonds-bowl-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com Protein Punch

little pink parcels made with roasted almonds covered in a thick layer of velvety chocolate and crushed peppermint. They’ll make any holiday event that much more festive!

Gingerbread Toffee Mixed Nuts 

Four words for you: Gingerbread Toffee Mixed Nuts. That’s right. We bring you the very essence of the holiday spirit with these spiced nuts. With pecans, cashews, and almonds, you also get a ton of health benefits. A total win!

Honey Toasted Pecans

These honey toasted pecans are the perfect example of “less is more”. Because, really, what could be better than pecans doused in rich honey and roasted until they get beautifully golden and caramelized? Not much, if you ask us…  

Texas Trail Mix 

A taste of the South, this Texas Trail Mix is one of our best-

Texas-trailmix-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com

sellers. We combined cinnamon pecans, honey toasted pecans, natural pecan halves and salted sunflower seeds to create this nutty and warm snack. Sweet and salty lovers, we’re talking to you… 

Cinnamon Pecans 

Cinnamon pecans. Need we say more? Get a bowl of these on your Christmas table, bring them over to friends, take some with you to work… Just be warned: they’re highly addictive. 

Tricolor Boston Baked Beans 

Our tricolor Boston baked beans are always a hit! After all, who doesn’t like peanuts? Now imagine this: crunchy roasted peanuts, coated in a delicate and crisp sugar shell with just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, these come in red, green and white colors to get you in the holiday spirit! 

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