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Benefits of Dried Apricots

Posted on September 12th, 2022
Dried Apricots Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Dried Apricots are a popular and delicious fruit that anyone can enjoy all year long. With the stone fruit being such a household staple, many people wonder are they good for you? Absolutely they are! If you love apricots, you might be curious about when they are dried, and if they have the same health benefits as they do normally. This is another yes! The process of drying fruit removes moisture, but leaves everything else behind. That means all of those vitamins and minerals are still there for your body to enjoy. 

Nutritional Information Dried Apricots

Before we tackle all of the fantastic health benefits you can get with this tasty treat, let’s go over what all dried apricots can give you! Just one apricot will give you a good amount of:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Folate
  • Iron

Along with the nutrients they give, dried apricots are low in calories and fat. They are so low in calories that it would take six whole apricots to give you the same amount of calories as one apple. Whether you choose to snack on them plain, add them to something, or use them for baking, your body will thank you afterwards for all of the benefits it will get.  

Health Benefits

Due to the large amount of vitamins and minerals, apricots can


benefit your body and your health in numerous ways. Adding as little as just a handful of apricots to your diet can lead your body to showing healthier signs in a short time period. The fiber found within apricots can aid in keeping a healthy digestive system, as well as keeping your heart healthy and pumping properly. Fiber is also known to help reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

Vitamin A is one of the more abundant minerals found within apricots, and it comes with a plethora of benefits itself. This vitamin is essential for maintaining vision and eye health, along with boosting your immune system. Giving your immunity a boost can give your body a head start in fighting off disease and infections. Another benefit of vitamin A is that it can greatly aid those who struggle with acne. It can not only fight acne off, but it can reduce the severity of acne that has already developed.

Anyone looking for a boost in skin, hair, and nail health, can also turn to dried apricots. The vitamin C found in this tasty treat helps protect your skin from pollutants, and gives it strength and elasticity. This is due to the fact that vitamin C can boost the production of collagen. In addition to the skin benefits, a collagen boost can prevent wrinkles, strengthen nails, and add a healthy shine to your hair.

Potassium is another nutrient that is responsible for handling many different tasks within your body. It can reduce muscle stiffness, while also strengthening and adding durability to your bones. Another thing potassium assists with is improving your nervous system. Getting your daily dose of potassium helps your nerves transmit messages throughout your body, making it easier to perform tasks with less energy. Additionally, potassium is essential for anyone suffering from anxiety or stress. Potassium can help regulate hormones within your body, and lower stress levels efficiently.

The combination of vitamin C and iron, which are both found in apricots, can be a huge help for people with anemia. Vitamin C is helpful with absorption, meaning it will pair up with the iron and help your body absorb it faster. Getting help with anemia can in turn help with many other issues such as weakness, nausea, and dizziness. 

Another benefit of the large amounts of fiber within an apricot is that it can aid with weight management, or weight loss. Fiber is very filling, and when eating fiber-dense foods you stay full for much longer. This, combined with the low calorie count, can help curb your appetite and make it easier to avoid overeating. The fiber will also help keep your gut healthy, and ensure everything is moving around properly. Having a healthy gut, and a full tummy, is an easy way to manage your weight in a healthy way.

If the naturally sweet taste of dried apricots wasn’t enough to convince you to add them to your diet, or even give them a try, hopefully seeing the numerous benefits changed your mind. Try them, or even some other dried treats you haven’t before! Things like apples, bananas, medjool dates, ginger, or kiwis are all great options for anyone new to dried food. Give both your taste buds, and your body a nice treat!

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