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Are Dried Apricots Healthy?

Posted on August 15th, 2022
Dried Apricots Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Are Dried Apricots Healthy? Fruit is known for how tasty it is, along with just how healthy it can be. A lot of people wonder: what about when it is dried? The fantastic news is that drying fruit doesn’t decrease any of its nutritional value. That means you can enjoy your favorite fruits in a new way, all while giving your body an abundance of vitamins and minerals. 

Are Dried Apricots Healthy?

Anyone who has tasted an apricot knows just how delicious they can be. That is not where the benefits stop, however. Apricots are known for having high levels of vitamins, all while staying a low calorie option. So, to answer the question above, yes! 

Nutritional Information

Eating as little as one dried apricot a day can provide you with

Are Dried Apricots Healthy

nearly a countless amount of nutrients. Vitamins and minerals found within apricots are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

Staring at the top, vitamin A is best known for improving vision, but that is not where the benefits stop. It can also support healthy cell growth, aid in fertility, boost your immune system, and lower your risk of developing diseases and infections.

When you think of vitamin C you probably think about how much it boosts your immune system. While it does boost your immunity drastically, vitamin C provides many other benefits to your brain and body. It can be used as a natural antihistamine, which will lower side effects of allergies. Vitamin C is also great for improving memory and cognitive function within the brain.

Potassium is a great nutrient to give your body if you struggle with anxiety, stress, or high blood pressure. Magnesium will aid in reducing aches and pains, and can even boost your exercise performance. Calcium will ensure you have strong teeth, strong muscles, and an even stronger body.

Anyone looking to boost their health can make the easy choice of dried apricots! Eat it by itself, or throw it in a homemade trail mix. No matter how you decide to eat them, they will be both tasty and healthy. The same rules apply to other dried treats like apples, bananas, medjool dates, ginger, and kiwis! Give dried food a try, and let your body enjoy all of the nutrients it will gain in the process.

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