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8 Unique popcorn mixes by L’Orenta

Posted on April 16th, 2023
Popcorn Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Popcorn mixes. A movie theater staple that is just super convenient and also perfect for cozy nights in? Yes, popcorn is all that and more. Everybody’s favorite snack is actually a whole grain that is full of fiber. Listed below are 8 unique popcorn mixes by L’Orenta. 

Health benefits aside, another hard-to-deny truth is that popcorn and the movies go together like peanut butter and jelly or nachos on game day. Popcorn is simply one of the most delicious, fun, and crowd-pleasing snacks around – Perfect if you’re enjoying the latest Netflix film from home and staying put on your couch, with an overflowing bowl of crunchy goodness to take the experience from typical to irresistible.

But hey, popcorn is just way too good to be limited to being a “movie snack” only. It’s an anytime snack that comes in a million flavors and varieties. From Movie theater to caramel corn and everything else in between, there’s a lot to love. 

Plain old butter and salt is great, no one would ever refuse it, but it’s not the most exciting topping, is it? We’ve rounded up our best popcorn snack mixes for times when you need something just a little more special and fun. 

Ready to head to the snack aisle? Here are 8 of the very best popcorn snack mixes online: 

Popcorn mixes

Mega Movie Mix 

Mega Movie

Our Mega Movie Mix is the ultimate movie night and game night snack! Made with milk and white chocolate drizzle popcorn, buttered popcorn flavored jelly belly jelly beans, chocolate gems and peanuts. And the best part? It takes no effort – no microwave, stovetop, or cleaning up. You can just tear open a bag and enjoy.

Popcorn Party 

This Popcorn Party Mix is a L’Orenta exclusive, and the perfect choice to turn movie night (or any other night) into a decadent experience. You’ll find milk chocolate drizzle popcorn, strawberry and cream malted milk balls and roasted and salted peanuts. Does it get any better? We don’t think so. 

Cheesy Popcorn Crunch

Cheesy Popcorn Crunch

Want a sweet, salty, crunchy snack that just doesn’t quit? Meet our Cheesy Popcorn Crunch. This gourmet mix includes milk chocolate drizzle popcorn, butter toffee cashews, roasted and salted cashews and pretzel cheese gems. A top-tier snack mix best enjoyed by the bowlful. 

Matt’s Popcorn Mania

Our mixologist Matt may have gone a little nutty with this Popcorn Mania Mix. This gourmet delight includes popcorn drizzled with milk chocolate, cranberries, pretzel bites and goji berries. With these toppings, it’s a perfectly balanced and healthy snack that is fabulous for anytime you need a little pick-me-up. 

Big Popcorn Bash 

It’s movie night and the Big Popcorn Bash is all you need! This fantastic mix is filled with delicious white chocolate drizzle popcorn, pretzel bites, corn nuts and golden raisins. Sweet, salty, crunchy, and so, so good. Be warned though: you may never want to eat any other popcorn ever again. 

Popcorn Mountain Mix 

Popcorn Mountain

Our Popcorn Mountain Mix is made with delightful chocolate drizzle popcorn, double dipped peanuts, whole almonds and roasted and salted pumpkin seeds. This one is a crowd pleaser for sure. It makes an excellent gift for friends and family, or a bake sale addition!

Caramel Celebration

For an irresistible treat the whole family will love, reach for this Caramel Celebration Mix. This indulgent blend of popcorn drizzled with white chocolate, sea salt vanilla caramels and roasted and salted almonds hits the spot no matter what your plans are. 

Tuxedo Popcorn

Tuxedo Popcorn Top

This wonderful mix makes for a delectable party snack or a seriously addictive edible gift. Our Tuxedo Popcorn Mix features two delicious popcorn flavors, white chocolate drizzle and milk chocolate drizzle. Perfect for sharing (or not). 

We’ve got a bunch of different flavor combinations, from a savory and totally addictive cheesy mix, to a brain-boosting combo that includes cranberries and goji berries (and some chocolate too, because we believe in balance).

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