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5 Superfoods You Can Snack On Every Day

Posted on July 1st, 2022
Superfoods Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Superfoods to snack on every day. We have very busy days, and eating healthy is not always possible. We often skip meals and”Superfoods to Snack on Every Day: We all have very busy days, and eating healthy is not always possible. We often skip meals and end up snacking on processed sugars. But this strategy won’t keep you energized and focused throughout the day. That’s why we recommend incorporating five superfoods into your daily snack routine.” snack on processed sugars. What’s the problem? Using this strategy won’t keep you energized and focused throughout the day. This is why we recommend 5 superfoods you can snack on every day. 

You can snack, but if you want to do it well for your brain and body, you have to make smart choices. Do not worry if you lack inspiration, we have it all figured out for you. 

Superfoods: what are they?  

Having a diverse diet is the best way to stay healthy and strong. It ensures that you receive all the nutrients and vitamins you require. However, some foods bring more benefits to your plate than others. Knowing them will help you adjust your meals and snacks accordingly. 

Superfoods can’t be placed into a specific box, but they do have certain characteristics. 

By strengthening your immune system, they decrease the risk of the apparition of certain diseases. Additionally, they reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol levels.

A superfood is always rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fibers, flavonoids, and healthy fats. 

The majority of superfoods come from plants, but some also come from fish and dairy. We have created recipes with these ingredients because of their health benefits (and their taste). 

Which superfoods are the best? 

We created our top 5 superfood snack recipes to make your life easier, even though there are many good recipes out there. 

  1. Goji berries are renowned as being THE anti-aging - Goji BerriesThey are grown in the Himalayan mountains and are 100% naturally dried. These tasty snacks are full of antioxidants that are good for your skin and your immune system as well as super tasty. Additionally, they protect your eyes, your body against cancer, and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Plus, they help you relax and sleep better. Traditional Chinese medicine has been used to prevent liver damage for years. Add a few to your granola or greek yogurt for their sweet taste and chewy texture.This dairy-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, and wheat-free snack comes in a bag of 1 lb, 5 lb, 22 lb, or 44 lb!
  1. The walnut chandler halves and pieces are not only super tasty but are also light and large enough to snack on just by themselves! They are packed with antioxidants, protein, and Omega-3. By reducing inflammation throughout the body, they help the digestive system and weight loss. You can rely on them to prevent and fight heart problems and diabetes. They can also improve memory and brain function. You can add walnut pieces to homemade cookies or muffins to give them an extra taste. This superfood snack is free of preservatives, additives, and corn syrup. 
  2. Almonds are the superstar of superfoods. You can eat them raw, salted, roasted, or add them to sweet or salty recipes. These nuts are great for boosting energy. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamin E. They support digestive and immune health. Also, they help to satisfy hunger, reduce blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol. Pure and raw, they have such an intense taste that you can snack on them. But almonds can also be used in granola, muffins, cakes, and salads! Try this vegan and gluten-free recipe. 

Some more Superfoods

  1. Roasted and salted cashews: our twist on a classic! Do youCashews-roasted-and-salted Cashewlike cashews? With these roasted and salted ones, you’ll fall even more in love. They are naturally rich in copper and iron, which facilitate the production of life-giving red blood cells. Due to their magnesium and potassium content, they can help reduce blood pressure if you snack on them regularly! You can rely on them to help you control your cravings and stay on track with your diet. Salted and roasted, they are perfect snacks, but you can also add them to a trail mix for an extra salty taste. 
  2. We love to bring you unique recipes, like ginger slices! Ginger crystalized slices may be something you’ve never tried before. Now it’s time to add this superfood snack to your kitchen. As a spicy snack, you can simply bite on a slice, but it also adds a bit of flavor to a cup of tea or a cookie recipe. We cook the ginger root until it softens and then, we add a little sugar coating to create the slices. Ginger has been used for hundreds of years to treat chronic indigestion, nausea, colds, and osteoarthritis.

This list of 5 superfoods to snack on every day will hopefully inspire you to have fun with your diet. Next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to put them on your list. These multi-seasonal snacks are perfect for the whole family! Feel free to experiment with different sweet or salty recipes on your own. - Goji -

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