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5 Health Benefits of Roasted and Salted Cashews

Cashews Health & Wellness Nuts Posted on March 16, 2022

Cashews are a variety of nuts with a soft buttery flavor. Cashews are sold in different forms, including roasted, raw, salted, and unsalted. Here are 5 health benefits of roasted and salted cashews.

Cashews are extremely rich in beneficial nutrients and help to improve health significantly. The benefits cashews can offer you include improved blood sugar levels, weight loss, and a healthier heart.  Here are five benefits of cashews and how they help improve your health.

Cashews Have Beneficial Plant Compounds 

Cashews are an antioxidant powerhouse. Cashew contains two classes of antioxidants; carotenoids and polyphenols, which improve immunity. In addition, cashew helps reduce inflammation and oxidative damage.

Cashews Are Rich in Nutrients 

Cashews are particularly rich in unsaturated fats known to reduce

Raw-cashew-heart-www Lorentanuts Com Raw Cashews

the risk of heart diseases. They also contain manganese and magnesium, crucial for bone health. Cashews have the same protein quantity as cooked meat and are low in sugar. Furthermore, they contain copper, a vital mineral for energy production.

Cashew Helps to Improve Heart Health 

Cashews have polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that help to decrease triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels. As a result, regular consumption of cashews can help lower the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Cashew is also rich in magnesium, which plays a crucial role in the human body. For example, a Framingham heart study revealed that people with a high magnesium intake have a 34% lower chance of abdominal artery calcification. The same research showed a 58% lower case of coronary artery calcification.

Cashews Help to Reduce Weight 

Cashews can help to lose weight. They are associated with lowering body weight. In addition, they will help keep a healthy weight by ensuring you feel full and contribute to thermogenesis. 

Beneficial For People With Type 2 Diabetes 

Cashews are highly beneficial to people living with type 2 diabetes. And that’s because they are rich in fiber, which can help reduce blood sugar levels. It also offers protection against type 2 diabetes. A study revealed that eating cashews will help reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes. 

Where Are Cashews Grown?

Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale) is native to Northeastern Brazil.

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However, cashews are grown commercially in many tropical locations worldwide, including Southeast Asia, India, East Africa, Vietnam, Australia, etc. Currently, the leading producers of cashews are Nigeria, Vietnam, India, Côte d’Ivoire, Brazil, and Benin. 

Different Cashews Sizes

You may have observed that cashew nuts are different in size if you are a fan of cashew nuts. Below are some of the standard cashew nut sizes available:


W-180 is the biggest and the most expensive cashew nut available globally. As a result, it is popularly known as the king of cashew nuts. And this is because of its size, and it remains wholly unbroken when sold. At L’ORENTA, we use this cashew size.


Although W-210 are huge cashew nuts and quite expensive, they are smaller than W-180. Therefore, they are commonly called Jumbo size. 


The W-240 is popularly known as the standard cashew nut size, although they are not as big as W-180 and W-210. In addition, the W-240 is considerably more affordable than the previous sizes.  At L’ORENTA, we use this cashew size.


The W-320 cashew nut size is the most accessible size to find because suppliers widely distribute them globally. As a result, they offer the ideal balance between cost and size. 

Other standard cashew nut sizes are W-450 and Scorched wholes. 

Fun Facts About Cashews

Here are some fun facts about Cashews you might like. 

  • Although native to Northeastern Brazil, the Cashew tree was taken to India by Portuguese sailors between 1560 and 1565.
  • The informal name for cashews comes from the Portuguese name for the nut, which is Caju. 
  • The best soils for growing cashew trees are sandy soils. 
  • The United States of America consumes more than 90% of the world’s cashew production.
  • Cashew nut’s shell is a crucial ingredient in waterproofing, lubricants, and arms production. 
  • The cashew tree belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. It grows to an average height of 32 to 50 feet. 
  • Cashew nuts are essential ingredients in industrial products such as brake lines and paints. 

Final Thoughts

Cashews are rich sources of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. They also contain beneficial plant compounds, minerals, and vitamins. Ensure you choose roasted and salted cashews because they have more antioxidant activity than other forms. Click here to get the L’ORENTA’s roasted and salted cashews. You will satisfy your cashew craving and enjoy numerous health benefits.


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