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Why Does Sour Candy Make Me Sweat?

Candy Health & Wellness Sour Candy Posted on August 5, 2022

If sour candy makes you sweat and you are worried about that, you wonder “Why does sour candy make me sweat?” While many foods cause sweating, our focus will be on sour candy. This article will highlight several factors that lead to sweating after eating sour candy.

Why You Sweat After Eating Sour Candy

Sour candies are made with an external coating added to a candy product with a fruit flavor. This external coating results in the sweet sensation you derive after munching on a piece.

Sour candy is also a carbohydrate source, consisting of sugar, fiber, and starches. This class of nutrients provides energy to the body and has been proven severally – especially by the American Diabetes Association.

Consuming some types of carbohydrates affects the blood sugar level. There are various types of carbohydrates. The type of sugar found in sour candies is usually processed sugar. These sugars are common in processed foods like baked foods and candy.

Excessive eating of this type of sugar may lead to a high increase and decrease in blood sugar spike. A common side effect of the swing in blood sugar is sweating. So, munching on too much of this type of candies will lead to sweating, especially after eating them late at night. It is precisely linked to blood glucose, and for diabetes patients, it is more common.

Sweating isn’t a bad sign

Nonetheless, sweating after eating candy isn’t a sign of diabetes. So, what should you remember when next you ask: “why does sour candy make me sweat?” First, remember that it doesn’t mean that you have diabetes. 

Secondly, most people who sweat after eating sour candy do -

because they have candies before bedtime. Thus, avoid eating candy when it is bedtime. Avoid any sour candy with high processed sugar about three hours before bedtime. In addition, always pay attention to your body’s reaction after eating carbs.

If you usually experience sweating after eating sour candy before bed,  eat food with low carbs to limit or prevent it. 

However, in many instances, consuming this candy can significantly benefit your health. Sour candies from L’Orenta are rich in nutrients and contain fewer carbs, making them a good option for you to consume. A list of L’Orenta’s sour candies includes:

Whenever you feel hot after eating sour candy, a great way to reduce the effect is to either stay hydrated, use cotton bed linens, sleep with the fan on, or wear a dress with loose cotton.


You would have gotten an answer to the question: “Why does sour candy make me sweat?” Of course, not everyone experiences sweating after eating sour candies. But if you’re sweating is accompanied by other symptoms like weight loss, cough, or fever, you must see a doctor.


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