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What is Chamoy Candy? | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on March 7, 2022

What is Chamoy Candy? | L’Orenta Nuts

If you could associate one flavor with Mexico, let it be chamoy. Chamoy is a prominent condiment in Mexico, and after getting a taste you will understand why. It is versatile, and can be used ranging from vegetables, to meats, to candy! Find out what is Chamoy candy!

Chamoy candy is an easy, and delicious, way to enjoy the taste at any moment. Before we learn just what kind of candy can be chamoy flavored, let’s take a minute to learn what chamoy actually is.

Where did it originate?

Chamoy was actually brought to Mexico by Chinese immigrants -

around the 16th century. The unique flavor stuck, and soon became a prominent household flavor. While many made the sauce homemade, it was also easily found ready to purchase as the popularity grew. Now that the history lesson has been taught, what exactly is chamoy itself? Chamoy is made of dried chilies, lime juice, and fruit. The fruit may vary, but traditionally the choice fruits are mango, apricot, or plums. It is most often found in a liquid sauce form, but can also be a powder. This is where candy with chamoy comes in.

With its sweet, but sour, and slightly salty taste, chamoy pairs perfectly with many different types of candy. Chamoy is usually paired with Tajin for. Chamoy mexican candy is something everyone should try, and chamoy and tajin candy is a treat that is an adventure in itself.

Now to the best part… Candy!

The first candy we are going to take a look at is these Chamoy Nerd Gummy Clusters. Nerd gummy clusters are already a delicious and tart treat, but they are even better when combined -

with chamoy and Tajin. 

These candies are crunchy, and tangy, and absolutely mouth watering. You get the sweet gummy center, the sour nerds, and a hint of spice with the chamoy. These are also nice and sticky, giving a fun texture to enjoy along with the bold flavors.

The best part of these candies is definitely the low calorie count. Each serving, which is 8 clusters, is only 90 calories. Along with that, they have 0g of fat, and 0g of cholesterol. Conclusively, these are guilt free! You can enjoy them at any time; and don’t be afraid to share with the people around you.

What is better than one candy? Two!

Chamoy peach rings are the perfect summer candy. Though, they -

are tasty no matter what the season. These are soft and chewy, and loaded with flavor. Chamoy and Tajin pair especially well with anything fruity, and these peach rings are proof of that. The flavor combination of the spices plays off the fruit base and provides you with a tangy and sweet treat.

Just like the nerd clusters, these will be sticky and perfect. (you know it’s good chamoy when it is sticky) They stand at 90 calories per 4 pieces, and have 0g of fat.

Anyone looking to try a new flavor, or those who just enjoy a bit of spice with their sweet, will not regret giving these a try. They are addicting, and after a taste you might find yourself adding chamoy and tajin to everything. 

Chamoy is a classic for a reason, and that reason being it is tasty! You could even show up to your next party with a bag of chamoy candy and surprise everyone with a new treat.


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