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What Candy Is Known For Being Extremely Sour | L’Orenta Nuts 

Products Posted on May 28, 2022

What Candy Is Known For Being Extremely Sour | L’Orenta Nuts 

Have you ever pondered what candy is known for being extremely sour? If you know the answer and have tasted it, then maybe you’ve experienced and questioned Why is my tongue hurt after eating sour candy? Why does sour candy make me sweat? Why does sour candy make my mouth water? Then you are not alone. But fret not! There is a reason for this, and we will talk about it below.

Sour candy is extremely sour

It is known for being extremely sour. The taste comes from citric acid, a weak organic acid naturally found in citrus fruits. Many of our sour candies are coated with a sweet outer layer followed by a sour layer that gets right up to the tip of your tongue and makes your eyes squint.

They are popular with people who like to challenge their taste buds and push their palettes to the extreme.

Sour candies are not just limited to hard candies anymore. You -

can now find sour gummies and jelly beans, which have been around for some time but have recently gained popularity. In addition, sour gummy worms are a trendy choice with kids because they’re fun to eat and come in various bright colors!

If you are also someone Who loves the mouth-puckering taste of sour candy! At L’Orenta, we offer many sour candies. Some include sour wild strawberries, gummy sour pineapples, sour flowers, sour green apples, and gummy sour mix!

These are both sweet and acidic. These are soft and chewy, with a sour sugar coating that gives them a delightful mouth-puckering blast of tart flavor.

All of our sour candy is made with the finest ingredients available today. We do not use any harmful or artificial substances in our products. So when you order from us, You can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality product available today.

Why does sour candy hurt my tongue?

Some kinds of candy can temporarily change the pH of your -

mouth. For example, they may make your mouth more acidic. Your tongue contains taste buds that react to certain chemicals, and each one is most sensitive at a different pH. If you eat something that makes your mouth more acidic, some of the taste buds will no longer work, while others will go into overdrive. The ones still able to work will be susceptible to the sourness of whatever you’re eating.

The next time you eat something sour, pay attention to how it feels on different parts of your tongue. You should notice that it’s much more intense in some places than others.

Why does sour candy make your mouth water?

As I already said, Sour candies contain a high level of citric acid, which gives them their characteristic sour taste. This is a weak organic acid usually derived from citrus fruits like lemons. However, the acid used in many candies doesn’t come from citrus fruits; it comes from corn starch.

When you eat something sour, your taste buds send signals to your brain to help it process the flavor correctly. Unfortunately, those signals also result in a physical response – including salivation – to protect your teeth from acids and restore your mouth’s pH levels. 

Though excessive exposure to citric acid or other acids can wear down tooth enamel, saliva helps counteract the effects by neutralizing those acids.

Why does sour candy make me sweat?

Sour candy is a popular treat for many people. Some people like it for the flavor or perhaps for its tart taste. Some like it because of the challenge of eating something so sour without breaking into a sweat. It makes you sweat, similar to how it makes your mouth water.

It is not because of the heat in your mouth but because of the chemicals that create the sour taste.

The chemical reaction between your tastebuds and the acids in -

sour candy is what causes you to break out in a sweat. So it’s not just that you’re eating something spicy hot, but you’re reacting to the sourness. 

In addition, the sourness causes you to sweat, an additional cooling mechanism. And where your body sweats most is generally where there are the most blood vessels close to the surface of your skin: under your arms and around your face and neck.

So after a nice sour candy, you’re likely to experience some sweatiness around your lips, chin, cheeks, and even forehead, especially if you eat multiple pieces.


Folk, you have it; now you know what candy is known for being extremely sour. And why soreness hurts and makes you sweat and your mouth water. We would most definitely recommend these candies to people who like a challenge and want a taste of something sour.

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