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Welcome Fall with these Seasonal Nuts

Posted on November 12th, 2018

Written By Sam Henselijn

Welcome Fall with these Seasonal Nuts!

If you are bored of the same old snacks this Fall then perhaps you need to start expanding your nutritional circle somewhat. Food is the perfect way to celebrate a new season and Fall is the season of the nut – when all of the harvests come together to create a symphony of flavor combinations, textures and tastes that we here at L’Orenta’s cant get enough of. We just adore our seasonal blends, and fall is no exception to our innovative creations and the moral we live by: You can never be nutty enough!

With all of this in mind, and with fall being our favorite time of  the year, we figured it might be time to put together a list of nuts that will help you welcome the season, get into the cozy spirit of Autumn and provide you with the perfect snack to nibble on while you cuddle up in front of the fire. Nuts are the perfect Fall snack – and we aim to prove it… so read on to find out all about our seasonal delights.

Traditional Fall Fare

Traditional Autumn snacking tends to involve warm foods as the chill of winter hints in the air. Threatened by that cold we seek out things that warm us as we eat – like choosing soups over salads, warmed pastries over sandwiches and other savory treasures that differ from State to State. Warmed chestnuts are a favorite, as are pies, hot potatoes and warmed breakfasts. What about sweet snacking though? What do we eat during the Fall that we don’t have as much of throughout the year? The answer, of course, is nuts… and here at L’Orenta’s we produce some of the finest available.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our fabulous, innovative nut blends that make perfect Fall snacking and might entice you to indulgence this season…

Fall Snack Number 1: Pumpkin Pie Almonds

By far a festive favorite when Fall descends is our unique, innovative and wholly stand-out Pumpkin Pie Almonds. These treats are so sought after and so treasured that we only include them in our TV Selection Box. This fabulous mix of goodies includes roasted salted Almonds as standard and even has a pack of our Eggnog Almonds thrown in for good measure. Our favorite Pumpkin Pie Almonds are so delectable that we sell out every year – and quickly. So if you want to bag yourself a specially tasty treat that tastes just like Pumpkin Pie but has a delicate Almond center then head on over to our shop now, before they have sold out and are gone again for another year!

Pumpkin-pie-almonds-bowl-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com Protein Punch

Fall Snack Number 2: The Cinnamon Pecan

Nothing says luxury seasonal snacking like a hint of cinnamon spice, and our Cinnamon Pecans are a snack to remember. Fantastic for Fall or at any time of the year, this alternative tasting nutty snack is a L’Orenta special! The Pecan is high in natural antioxidants and rich in Vitamin C while the Cinnamon adds a taste explosion that simply cannot be beaten. For a fall snack that will delight and impress make it our Cinnamon Pecans and you can come back to thank us in December.

Cinnamon Pecans F RT TIN 41042
  • Fall Snack Number 3: The Honey Toasted Pecan

Our delightful and delicious honey toasted Pecans make a spot-on snack for those thinking Fall. With all the indulgent nuttiness of a crisped Pecan saturated in a sweet and natural honey coating you will find very little better. This mix of flavors brings together the best of earthen nutty textures with the silken smoothness of honey. We fire roast these Pecans, a different cooking technique that provides a slightly smokey addition to this flavor package which ultimately culminates in becoming the perfect Fall snack for any occasion.

Honey-toasted-pecans-top-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Italian Biscotti
  • Fall Snack Number 4: Salted Caramel Pretzel Bites

Here at L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks we specialize in tasty treats with a difference – and our innovative alternative made specially for the pretzel lover will blow your mind. We took our signature secret recipe pretzel mix and slow baked them till brown and crisp – then we dipped them in our luxury salted caramel coating, a creation so sumptuous that we sell out on a regular basis. For a Fall snack that leaves you with goosebumps on your arms try our Salted Caramel Pretzel Bites… a taste experience with a difference found exclusively here at L’Orenta’s.

Fall Snack Number 5: The Milk Chocolate Almond

Here at L’Orenta’s we have been crafting the recipe for our rich, smooth and endlessly delicious chocolate since 1934. Over the years we have learned a lot about chocolate – and about how to apply it to our nuts to make the perfect package of indulgence. Our Milk Chocolate Almond mix leaves nothing to the imagination; sumptuously smooth and delicate while lingering on the palate, our heavenly milk chocolate makes the ideal partner to the crisp crunch of a toasted Almond. We do almonds many, many ways – but this is an all time favorite! Funnily enough the balance of intricate flavors conjures Fall to mind, and we sell more of these in Autumn than any other time of year!

Milk-chocolate-almond-www Lorentanuts Com -1 Hazelnut

Fall Brings out the Best in our Nuts!

Autumn is the best time of year to revel in the nut harvest and to enjoy the many different flavor combinations that can be explored at this time of year. As the leaves change so does seasonal fare; and nothing says Fall quite like a sweet and nutty treat!

L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks

We specialize in providing snacking alternatives that are not only healthy but also taste great, too. We want to revolutionize the way we see snack food – because it doesn’t all have o be junk! Our snacks and treats are of the best quality and have been worked on over years of refining and we absolutely believe that our Fall blends are some of the most sensational snacks that exist. We want you to be part of our nutty experience and indulge this Autumn, so head on over to our web-page and shop now – and you may even win yourself a discount!

Sam Henselijn Author’s Biography – Meet L’Orenta Nuts CEO

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