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The Benefits of Nuts and Dried Fruit When Getting Fit

News Posted on May 30, 2018

Personal fitness is becoming a more predominant focus in our everyday lives. Individuals not only want to feel healthy, they want to look good. For many, this means fitness classes, going to the gym, and increasing their overall activity level throughout the day.

Unfortunately, this increase in activity alone doesn’t lead to results, and many people end up feeling defeated and quit. Where many individuals go wrong in improving their overall fitness is with their diets. What we do know is that nuts are a very important part of any diet regimen because they are a great source of energy and needed nutrients for a healthy body and mind.

But, we will discuss more of these reasons shortly. First, we need to understand why it is important to fuel your body.

Benefits of nuts and dried fruit

Working out without fueling your body properly with a healthy snack mix can lead to lackluster results. For those looking for the best results, a combination of diet and exercise is key. Many people mistake a proper diet for intensive meal prepping.

However, results can be seen with simple tweaks, like increasing the number of nuts and dried fruits we eat. Both are easy to carry and are packed with essential nutrients, healthy fats, and enough calories to keep us satiated.

This article will delve deeper into the benefits of these products at different stages of the workout process.


A common question an individual may have when working out is why some days seem better than others. Some days, we can lift the heaviest of weights, run for long periods without getting fatigued, and do more reps, yet on other days, it seems impossible to get through a workout.

This is no accident and comes back to how much energy the body has to burn and fuel the workout. Dried fruits and nuts are an excellent source of energy. Nuts such as almonds, cashews, pecans, and brazil nuts contain high amounts of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats and are low on carbs. When we consume carbs, they are immediately converted into glucose through the body’s metabolic pathways, and any excess glucose is stored as glycogen (which we often see as body fat).

To reduce the amount of body fat while keeping energy reserves high, we can substitute our carb intake with fats. Fats contain 9 calories per gram whereas carbs contain 4 calories per gram, therefore more energy is available for use, and less is being converted to glycogen. Excess unsaturated fats are generally excreted rather than stored and can be used to lower cholesterol, which makes them an ideal alternative to grain products.

Furthermore, nuts have been shown to be one of the highest plant-based protein sources. Those exercising in the morning after waking up will need to restore their protein reserves or suffer the fate of muscles being depleted of or not recovering from a previous day’s exercise.

During Workout:

In theory, a large pre-workout meal should be enough to get us through our workouts, but eating a lot before working out can make many of us feel bloated and cause cramping. To overcome this, individuals can consume food as they workout.

Small workout snacks like nuts and dried fruits are easy to carry around a gym and can easily be consumed between sets and reps. During our workouts, our bodies are burning up energy reserves faster than they can be refilled. This means that almost anything we eat will be exclusively be used as energy and not stored as fat. Dried fruits are an excellent source of natural sugars and will be burned immediately as energy when working out.

A recent study showed that dried fruits, especially dried berries, create an anti-inflammatory response during oxidative stress. As we workout at the gym, our muscle fibers are broken down, causing them to become inflamed and sore. Many people stop their sets when this soreness kicks in, which prevents them from working out to their maximum potential.

By eating nuts and dried fruits, inflammation is slowed and results in an increase in workload as nuts provide the body with the immediate protein reserves that are required to start rebuilding and strengthening muscles. Studies have shown that protein should be consumed during or no less than 45 minutes after a workout.

Post Workout:

When an individual completes their workout, the muscle groups that they worked are generally ripped apart. When this occurs, the body goes into a recovery mode in order to make larger, stronger, and more toned muscles.

Muscle growth and shaping are not possible without protein, as proteins provide the basic necessary function to rebuild and grow. If we do not provide the muscles with protein, muscle rebuilding becomes limited and results are significantly reduced. Dried fruits and especially nuts are jam-packed with proteins.

According to the USDA, 28 grams of almonds provides the body with about 7 grams of protein; this is comparable to one extra-large egg without the high levels of cholesterol. To undergo muscle synthesis, the body needs vitamins and minerals to begin the metabolic pathway. Dried fruits contain an abundance of these vitamins and minerals, most specifically Vitamin A. One study showed that Vitamin A is a co-factor in protein synthesis and that limiting Vitamin A consumption in test cases showed limited muscle growth.

The bones our muscles cover must be strong enough to scaffold the added mass. Bone strength is often linked to the amounts of calcium consumed. The average adult needs roughly 1000mg of calcium a day. Nuts such as almonds contain 75mg of calcium in a single 30g serving, providing roughly 1/10 of the daily requirement.

Getting results at the gym requires pre-workout, mid-workout, and post-workout nutrition that caters towards energy replenishment and protein growth. Dried fruits and nuts are becoming a staple for active lifestyles. Those looking to add more healthy snacks to their diets should check out L’Orenta Nuts.

We offer an assortment of nuts and dried fruit blends. The products sold are not only enjoyable on their own but can be used in an assortment of recipes. Place an order today. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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