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Snack on Pumpkin Seeds | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on April 8, 2022

Snack on Pumpkin Seeds | L’Orenta Nuts

5 Fun Facts About Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are the best-selling snack food in the United States? They are highly nutritious as they’re high in protein and fiber. One serving contains 30% of your daily value of vitamin E. While most people snack on pumpkin seeds, there are several methods to include them in your diet. 

Here are five fun facts that might surprise you!

 1) Where Do Pumpkin Seeds Come From?

They are generally explicitly grown for their seeds.

Pumpkin-seeds-top-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Italian Biscotti

However, pumpkins are also grown for ornamental and culinary purposes. Pumpkins varieties vary by size, shape, color, flavor of flesh, etc.

Generally, pumpkins—and by extension pumpkin seeds—come in three main categories: 

  • Pie pumpkins have thick walls that make them great to bake with. 
  • Sugar pumpkins are small with sweet flesh
  • Pumpkins are popular in North America as jack-o’-lanterns at Halloween. 
  • And lastly, there’s winter squash—which includes varieties like acorn and butternut. Some winter squashes can be carved as jack-o’-lanterns too!

2) How Are They Grown?

Pumpkins are a variety of squash technically classified as a fruit. They grow on vines, though many gardeners treat them like vegetables by growing them in soil. 

Unlike tomatoes or other garden vegetables, pumpkin seeds are tasty, nutritious, and perfect for you. Pumpkins can help you lose weight, help prevent cancer, boost your immunity and improve your heart health. 

3) Where Are They Originated?

They originated in Mexico and Central America and have grown for 5,000 years. Columbus introduced pumpkins to Europe during his second voyage to America, where they rose quickly in popularity across Spain, Italy, and France.

Consequently, pumpkins and pumpkin seeds from all around North America, South America, and Asia are available to utilize in various cuisines such as soups, salads, and snacks.

4) How Are They Being Harvested?

It is a lengthy process but pretty straightforward. First, farmers

Pumpkin-seeds-bulk-pile Pumpkin Seeds

remove thems from their vines. Then, after being cut open, seeds are removed and dried out. So for every 100 pounds of pumpkin harvested, you’ll end up with only two to three pounds of pepitas. 

Remember that these seeds will still have to be separated from their shells (you can do it by hand or machine) and then processed further before they reach stores. 

All told, it takes roughly 25 pumpkins to produce one pound of shelled pumpkin seeds for sale! These shelled seeds are referred to as pepitas (derived from pepper) because they have a spicy kick when raw.

5) Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Numerous studies have linked pumpkin seeds(pepitas) and their oil to several health benefits. 

Heart health

Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, potassium, and other essential minerals. They provide a source of protein without as much fat and cholesterol as some other protein sources.

These nutrients benefit heart health by lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow via veins and arteries. 

Cancer prevention

The specific compounds responsible for these health benefits include phytosterols, carotenoids, and gamma-tocopherol, an antioxidant form of vitamin E. 

In particular, vitamin E and C are essential vitamins that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. In addition, phytosterols act as antioxidants in their own right and protect against cancer by reducing inflammation and decreasing cell growth. 

All of these things come together to boost your body’s immune system to prevent cancer formation.

Weight loss

The unsaturated fatty acids found in pumpkin seeds can help your body lose weight by preventing fat from forming inside cells. 

These fats also reduce insulin levels, which prevents you from storing excess energy as fat. Furthermore, because pumpkin seeds include dietary fiber, they delay digestion and keep you feeling full for more extended periods.

Full fiber content

The fiber content offers several health

Pumpkin-seeds-individual-isolated Pumpkin Seeds

benefits. First, fiber can keep you full for longer. If your diet is healthy but low in the thread, pumpkin seeds might help you feel more satisfied when snacking between meals.

They’re also high in protein and zinc—nutrients that contribute to muscle growth and digestion.

Final Thoughts

They are an excellent addition to any diet. In addition, pumpkin seeds help reduce kidney stones and certain cancer risks.

Remember that just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t taste good. Pumpkin seeds are easy to prepare and cook with, making eating more palatable. Snack on pumpkin seeds today with our tasty and healthful roasted pumpkin seeds.


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