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How to Choose Healthy Travel Snacks

Health & Wellness Posted on August 29, 2018


Modern life is a busy place and we mostly spend it rushing around from one task to the next. Whether you are balancing a full-time career with a family and social life, or whether you are a homemaker without a spare second – all of us are at risk from the dangers of not getting a varied and healthy diet. Many of us don’t know it, but snacking on healthy sources while we travel can make up the difference and help to balance out those meals. But how? Read on to find out…


First of all, let’s clear up a few misconceptions that we have about the act of snacking. We would guess that you have been brought up to believe that snacking between meals is bad for you, that it will see you put on weight and that it isn’t healthy. All of these points are wrong. Snacking between meals is, in fact, an excellent way to boost those all-important vitamins and minerals that our body needs to survive.

The thing is, the problem isn’t the snacking itself, but the choice of snack. When we pig-out on crisps, candy, cake, and biscuits then we are going to feel it around the waistline. If we choose not to do that and try some healthy travel snack alternatives instead, we can avoid the damage to your waist while retaining all the best bits about snacking!

Eating on the move!

More of us eat on the go than you might realize. From the school kid rushing back after lunch to his/her studies to the businessmen resigned to eating airplane food while they travel to their morning meeting – all of us, at one point or another, need to grab some food and go. Having an empty belly is much worse than simply grabbing some snack food, so we can all be forgiven if the easy, fatty, more sweet options seem like the best. Trust us; they might be best for the moment but they certainly aren’t doing you any good in the long term.

Eating on the move is hard to avoid, so, once again, what we need to do is change the snacks-on-the-go to something a little healthier than what we are perhaps used to. So from now on, no quick fries, no hamburger takeaway for a mid-afternoon snack and no pigging out on ice cream at midnight. Let’s change the products you are snacking on to make travel snacks fast, nutritional and as tasty as nature intended them to be.

Choosing Healthy Travel Snacks

Now that we have established that the ability to snack healthily is dependent on a small mindset change, let’s take a closer look at what snacks you could be indulging in that will help you achieve a more balanced diet. To do this we want to find tasty, healthy snacks that can be eaten on the road and that contain those all-important vitamins and minerals. These parameters make nuts and dried fruit mixes the perfect on-the-go food!


Peanuts are fantastic snack food that are readily available in handy, pocket-sized packs, making them an excellent healthy travel snack. Per hundred grams your pack of peanuts contains 20% of your RDA of Potassium, 52% of the protein you will need and 42% of magnesium. These three minerals are essential for the growth and maintenance of new muscle, the strengthening and protection of the bones and also for the formation of antibodies. Eat your peanuts without salt for best results.


Pecan nuts are filled with goodness and make a great healthy travel snack. Pecans contain 40% of the recommended daily allowance of dietary fiber that an average body needs, are rich in magnesium and iron and contain both vitamin A and C, meaning that you get a little boost of well-being on top of what a normal nut might provide. Try pecans for a healthy snack for traveling.


Walnuts are absolutely packed full with B Vitamins that are good for the healthy maintenance of your hair, skin, and eyes. They also prevent ‘brain fog’ and help you to think clearly. Not to mention the magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron they contain; they also have 30% of your RDA of protein, making them a little nut packed with good energy! Try walnuts as a healthy travel snack and experience their energy boost for yourself!

Dark Chocolate

Although high in fat, we thought we would pay homage to the luxurious, mouth-watering feast that is Dark Chocolate. Where many nuts and berries simply don’t contain any Zinc at all, dark chocolate has it in spades, meaning that a few squares a day help keep you healthy…believe it or not. The trick (as with everything) is to exercise moderation with this particular snack. That being said; pack a trail mix laced with dark chocolate for an alternative – yet still healthy- travel snack.

So if we have convinced you to change your ways, as you can see: finding healthy travel snacks isn’t as hard as you previously thought it was. Stick to nuts, as natural as possible and minus the flavorings for extra added health. Nuts have all the vitamins and minerals you could ever need and are easy to carry around with you, not only that, but they won’t fill you full of unnatural sugars either… enough said, really.

If you are in the market for some high-quality nuts and trail mix that make the perfect healthy snack for traveling around with – head over to L’Orenta’s nuts to browse their fine wares. L’Orenta’s hand select only the very best in tasty treats that double up to make healthy snacks too, so all you need is to shop now to start to change your diet – and your well-being – for the better. Snack away – just make it healthy snacking that doesn’t stretch out your waistline and that helps to build new bone and muscle. Make it nutty and full of good, healthy and natural ingredients, with L’Orenta’s!

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