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How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Work!

Our Products Posted on August 24, 2018


Working life is a little world unto itself. It often does not allow us time to stop and consider our own needs throughout the day, since we are too often running around trying to catch loose ends all day. Too many tasks and not enough time for ourselves mean that we end up neglecting our health a little, particularly when it comes to dietary requirements. Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals in your work snacks? If not, then this article is for you. Read on to find out how you go about choosing healthy snacks for work.

Snacking in the workplace

Snacking in the workplace does not need to be the big no-no that we all seem to think it is. Sure, your boss probably doesn’t mind if you eat at your desk – in fact, the majority of managers would prefer it that way, since it will boost the productivity you have on a daily basis. Of course, we would always recommend that you get away from the desk for your lunch hour, but who says you can’t have a healthy work snack while sitting at your desk to help give you energy and break up the morning?

We have all been told that snacking is wrong, but that is not quite true. Rather, it is the high fat and high sugar content of your average snack food that sets snacking apart as unhealthy. If you want to use your snack time to boost your energy levels and contribute towards a healthy, varied and balanced diet, however, then that might be considered snacking done right!

So instead of munching on crisps, fizzy soda, chocolate and cake, let’s take a look at some other snack food sources that are healthy, packed full of vitamins and minerals, won’t make a mess of your desk and will be travel friendly, meaning that you can make the most of your snacks during working hours.

What we are looking for…

…What we want is a snack food we can take to work with us that is healthy, not full of trans fat, gives us a nice boost of energy and, wherever possible, has low sugar and salt content. We want our boost of energy to come from a healthy and prolonged source – and not just the temporary relief a sugar high presents you with. For these reasons, dried fruit, yogurt and nuts make excellent work time snacks that won’t swell your waistline. Let’s take a closer look at some of the varieties of nut and fruit out there that will help boost your well-being and will make an excellent healthy work snack!


The Pistachio hails from the Middle East and Asia and is actually related to the Cashew which is taken from tropical evergreen trees. Besides where it comes from, it contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals that will make it a brilliant healthy workplace snack food. Pistachios contain 40% of your recommended daily allowance of both dietary fiber and protein per 100g. As if that wasn’t enough, they are packed full of magnesium and potassium too, so they will help protect your immune system and bones… and all from one little nut…


The Pecan nut is a species of Hickory and hails from the America’s. This sun-drenched and super-charged little pouch of deliciousness contains 30% of the RDA of Magnesium – but it doesn’t end there. They are high in dietary fiber, high in protein, high in Calcium, Iron and Vitamin B6 – and they contain both Vitamins A and C. Eating a hundred grams of Pecan’s perks up your internal organs, give your immune system a natural boost, feeds your nervous system and helps your brain grow. Eat them every day for best results.

Trail mixes

The best way to accentuate the goodness of your nuts is to add in some dried fruit, Where nuts tend to be rich in minerals, dried fruits are filled with vitamins, so combining both in trail mixes is a great way to make sure you are getting a healthy snack at work.


Raisins are the most obvious healthy trail mix type snack. Nuts and raisins are frequently mixed together – and with good cause! Raisins are chock full of antioxidants, Polyphenols, and flavonoids – all of which your body needs for optimal healthy running. Not to be outdone by any nut; they are gluten free, cholesterol free and saturated fat-free. When it comes to trail mixes that will be a healthy work snack, raisins are a great place to start!

Dried Pineapple

The dried pineapple is a little different from the others on the list in that it only has about 3% RDA of Iron in it. It is also one of the sweeter dried fruits that you can buy because it holds onto its sugar. It isn’t processed sugar though, and this is reflected in the relatively low-calorie content. What it does have is a list of vitamins that is longer than your arm and the ability to give you a complete mental boost that will last all day long. Try dried pineapple with your nuts for the ultimate sweet but healthy work snack.

So if we have managed to convince you that you need to start changing the way you think about snacking – and what you are snacking on – then we are able to help you get started. Head on over to L’Orenta’s nuts, where you can buy some of the finest examples of fruit and nut trail mixes available on the market. They love to provide healthy work snacks and do it with a passion, providing the very best in hand-selected, premium quality gourmet healthy snack food. Shop now, and first-time customers can even spin to win a discount!

For healthy snacks that you can take to work with pride, better make it L’Orenta’s… because nobody does nuts better.

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