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How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Teens!

News Our Products Posted on August 24, 2018


Teenagers can be the most difficult forms of human being in the world to deal with. Never mind getting them to eat a healthy, balanced diet and finding healthy snacks for teens – you can’t even get them to come to the dinner table when called! If this sounds like you then you need to read on and find out how you can get those teens of yours onto a healthy and balanced diet – without them even knowing that it is good for them at all!

Getting a teenager to eat healthy food can often feel like a losing battle. Most of the time they won’t eat what you are cooking, and will choose to disappear off upstairs wielding bags of potato chips and other, unhealthy goodies. Usually, they can be found furtively raiding the fridge at midnight for anything sweet that they can get their hands on. Often, when questioned, they will blame their hormones or simply just tell you to shut up.

Instead of attacking the problem head-on, let’s take a look at what your average teen should be eating, and at ways that we can sneak healthy snacks into teens without their knowledge… because let’s be honest, that’s the only way the would ever agree to it!

What teens need to eat

Teenagers aren’t quite done with the growing stages of life yet and, as a result, their hormones are still raging while they strive to reach adulthood before they settle down. Perhaps surprisingly, teens don’t need all that much more vitamins and minerals than fully grown adults do, but there are a couple of exceptions on account of the fact that they are still growing.

Teens need more phosphorous and more calcium on a daily basis than your average adult does. Phosphorus is essential for the building of strong bones and teeth, third to calcium and potassium. As teenagers need to grow new bone as they stretch in height they need a bit more of both of these substances than other folks do. Not getting enough of either of these substances in the adolescent years can result in weak bones that fracture easily all the way through adulthood. There are conditions (primarily brittle bone disease) that can arise from a lack of phosphorous in the body – so pay attention to your teenager’s needs and feed them only healthy snacks!

How to get them to eat it?

Don’t buy anything sweet that doesn’t include nuts or dried fruit. IF you buy yourself some chocolate then hide it in your bedroom – because your teen is likely to raid your whole kitchen in the pursuit of chips, snacks, and cookies. Remove all of the tempting foods except the ones that you can class as healthy snacks for your teen. When they have no choice because there are no other goodies in the house, they will eventually give in and eat the healthy snacks!

Another good way to get your teen to eat healthy snacks is to supply them with them on a daily basis. Hand them packets of nuts and dried fruit to keep in their pocket just in case they get hungry. Sneak them into their school bags or gym bags, drop a packet on them if they refuse to eat dinner. Nuts are a natural and healthy snack food source that are high in Calcium without any additives needed. Not only are they healthy but they taste great, and your teen will love this great snack… especially if there is no other snack food available that isn’t fresh fruit or veg.

Phosphorus is not easily dismissed from the body when excessive Quantities are imbibed and this can cause problems for anyone with kidney issues. Always check with your doctor if you are unsure.

Which healthy snacks can I feed my Teen?

Nuts and dried fruit are undoubtedly the best way to get those essential minerals into your children. Natural yogurt flavored with a little honey can be good too, especially if you add a sprinkle of nuts for a little texture and nutritional benefit. Try getting them to eat yogurt in the morning, its alkaline properties help settle the stomach and prepare it with good bacteria for the day ahead.

Dried Apples

Dried Apples contain enough sweetness to make a great healthy snack for a teenager. They will be happy because they are getting something sweet, and you can be happy, safe in the knowledge that those sugars are all natural and easily digested by the body. The best part about dried apple is that it is really high in fiber, meaning that it keeps you feeling full for longer. Providing this snack for your teenager means they will munch a lot less while getting a vitamin boost. Give it a try as a sweet alternative.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are reasonably high in both phosphorous and calcium. For every hundred grams of Cashews, your body will take 3.9g of phosphorous and around 3% of your RDA of Calcium. Obviously, your average teen wants a healthy snack that is a little higher in Calcium too, which brings us to our last suggestion.


Almonds are hailed as a superfood and contain roughly 26% of your RDA of Calcium per 100g. They also have Iron, magnesium, Vitamins, dietary fiber, and protein in huge amounts, so make sure your teen stocks up on Almonds regularly. Additionally, they contain 2.6g of phosphorus, making them a good nut all around.

So if we haven’t convinced you yet that you need to keep your teens on a pretty strict diet, then we don’t know what will. They need a good balance of vitamins and minerals to grow healthy and strong, so giving them only healthy snacks contributes towards that and keeps everyone on the right track…even if they won’t sit at the dinner table with everyone else…

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