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How to choose Healthy Snacks for Kids!

News Our Products Posted on August 20, 2018


Modern life is hectic. You rush around from work to family, and in between it all you have a social life to maintain. Besides all of this you have one main priority – your children, and making sure that they grow up to be healthy, happy adults who know what healthy snacks to give their kids!

Children are a little different to adults because they need more of certain vitamins and minerals. That doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy them supplements – merely that you should be gradually extending the amounts of foods that they eat so that they get to know which textures, tastes, and flavors they like the best. Snacking as a kid is essential for learning about future likes and dislikes – but it is also a great time to get them trained into choosing healthy snacks for kids instead of high fat, high sugar ones.

The habits you set your children onto during the early stages of life will affect their habits for the duration of their lifetime. So get them started on healthy snacking while they are young and watch the benefits for years to come!

But isn’t Snacking bad for kids?

Snacking by itself isn’t actually bad for you, even though society tells us all the time that it is! In fact, snacking on healthy foods is a great way to ensure that your child is in receipt of a good cross-section of healthy vitamins and minerals, all of which will help them to grow up big and strong. The process of snacking is therefore pretty healthy, as long as you don’t let them eat high fat or high sugar foods.

By controlling what they snack on you will have more control of their diets and will be able to fill them full of goodness. In case you are stuck for some inspiration, we have a list of healthy snacks for kids that we will get to a little later on. First, let’s take a look at what nutrients your children should be getting plenty of!

What Nutrients Kids Need

Kids need the whole lot, every nutrient you can think of – they need it to grow strong. Kids absorb nutrients at a super fast rate on account of their need for them, so a well-balanced diet is essential. How do you achieve a well-balanced diet? By exposing them to as many foods as you possibly can.

Younger children, toddlers until roughly 6/7, require more of the bone-strengthening minerals than others. This is because they are growing teeth and stretching upwards. Protein is a must, as are high iron foods. Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and Phosphorous should also be eaten in abundance, plus some vitamin C to help the body to soak it all up. They will need plenty of carbohydrates too, as that will keep them full of energy while the protein goes towards knitting new DNA cells… something that it doesn’t have to do as often in adults.

Vitamin E is particularly important for clear skin and you may be able to use this information to bride your teenager/s with. Likewise, Vitamin D will make bones strong and should be eaten in abundance, especially by those who live in more overcast climates as your body will not get enough of it from the sun.

Healthy Snacks for Kids!

So if you want to avoid those high-fat foods and processed sugars thus protecting your child against the future risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease: then you are in the right place? Here are some healthy snacks for kids that you can depend on!


Almonds are a powerhouse of protein that are one of the lower fat nuts – but remember, those are healthy fats. It contains a fifth of the daily needs of Iron, Potassium, and Calcium, making it ideal for youngsters who are still growing. With plenty of other minerals, present Almonds are hailed as a super-nut by many, they’re even packed with B vitamins!


The Cashew nut contains more than three-quarters of the RDA of Magnesium per hundred grams, and will give you 36% RDA of Iron to boot! Though they rival the almond in bone-building ingredients they fall a little shorter in the protein shakes. Remember never to give whole nuts to young children, always break them up a bit first to make sure they don’t choke!

Dried Bananas

Dried bananas are excellent sources of Potassium. They are low in sodium, saturated fats and cholesterol but do contain a little protein boost. They have a much different texture to wet banana and might make a great alternative way to get that healthy snack for kids for those fussy eaters out there… we all know one!


Sticky and sweet prunes contain just about every vitamin you can think of. They are low calorie, high in dietary fiber, low sodium, low fat and have plenty of all natural sugar that will satisfy any cravings your kiddies might have – but they’re healthy! Get your kids to like this healthy snack when they are little and it will help fuel them for life!

So if you are feeling a little more inspired perhaps it is time to introduce you to some fruit blends, nut mixes, trail mixes and natural yogurts that are not only healthy but that taste great and make excellent healthy snacks for kids!

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