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How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Birthday Parties

Health & Wellness Special Occasions Posted on September 14, 2018


Modern life is hectic at best; you rush around balancing home, work, and social lives and in between it all you are expected to plan the absolute best birthday parties for the kids. Yes, musical chairs, happy birthday songs, party games and cake everywhere – one of those parties. Traditionally speaking, a kid’s birthday is the perfect time to lavish them with attention and treats…but what if you are a little alternative? What if you are one of those rightfully concerned mothers who doesn’t want to fill her children full of sweet, tooth-rotting food? Luckily, you have come to the right place!

Let’s take a closer look at what constitutes traditional party food before we try to find a few ways to turn those treats into healthy birthday party snack foods.

Traditional Birthday Party Fare

Food served at children’s parties tends to be basic at best. If there is hot food it tends to be in buffet form and involves smiley potato faces, pizza, and ice cream. To be honest, it’s not only reasonably unhealthy, it’s also boring. Most party food is full of fad and refined sugar, with the odd weird chemical thrown in just for kicks. If you don’t want to buy into all that then we don’t blame you! So if you want to be the cool parent who is the envy of everyone’s friends, spice it up a little and follow some of our suggestions!

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is the biggest of unhealthy snack foods that you will find at parties – at any kind of birthday party, certainly. Usually, it is an egg, flour, butter, and sugar mix coated in sickly sweet icing or marzipan and filled with buttercream. If you are one of those people who is saying “No thank you.” right now, then this is an idea for you: change that recipe up and make it more healthy!

Add a hundred grams of mixed sultanas and raisins into the recipe. This will inject some much-needed fruit into the mix. It will make each bite that little bit healthier. Next, substitute at least half of the required sugar for a little bit of honey. Next, finish it with Cashew butter to sandwich the slices together.

Raisins and sultanas are high in vitamin C and vitamin A, meaning that they will help keep your immune system healthy. Cashew’s are a little super nut, full to the brim with Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium, as well as providing a huge protein boost. Supercharge that birthday cake by substituting a few of the ingredients and before you know it you will have a birthday cake that makes one hell of a healthy birthday party snack.


Chips are reasonably easy to get rid of, which is lucky because they are full of trans fats and, rumor has it, almost as addictive as cheese… skip the chips altogether by substituting them with a mixed nut bowl. Nuts have much more nutritional benefit to them and have a lot less sodium. They also contain only natural sugars and are packed with a variety of minerals. If you eat 100g of mixed nuts you are mathematically bound to get a varied, balanced and healthy cross-section of all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis.

For healthy birthday party food that doesn’t weigh you down, place bowls of mixed nuts out and ditch those chips!

Ice Cream?

No thanks! Instead of ice cream, use yogurt! It’s so simple! The live cultures of healthy bacteria in natural type yogurts will be beneficial for everyone’s digestive system. Keeping a healthy intestine not only helps you stay regular, it also eases the process by which nutrients are extracted from our food, meaning that you are healthier both inside and out!

To spice up the natural yogurt add a ground Almond for a biscuity crunch that also adds natural sweetness. Honey or powdered sugar could be added, or you could even try frozen yogurt so that it makes the kiddies think of ice cream. We bet some of them won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Pick and Mix!

Instead of candy pick and mix sweet things, why not have a dried fruit pick and mix? IT is easy enough to do. Simply fill up various bowls with the different types of dried fruit and let them work away! For best results, use brightly colored, naturally high in antioxidant berries such as blueberries and raspberries, some dried peaches, dried apricots, orange slices for vitamin C, Cranberries for Vitamin A, Apples for fiber – the list goes on!

You can even make this suggestion even more interesting by adding the yogurt into the mix. A drizzle of honey adds a lovely natural sweetness, as does a flaked up helping of dark chocolate, which is actually pretty good for your heart…as long as you take a little in moderation. Natural sweetness can be found in some nuts such as Almonds, making them brilliant for adding a touch of natural sugar and also great for baking with. After all, that’s where we get marzipan from!

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So next time you have a party to plan, consider ditching those chips, altering that birthday cake recipe and providing some berries, nuts and dried fruit as healthy alternatives. You never know… you may even start a trend! Besides anything else, the other parents will really appreciate the fact that you haven’t sent their children home hyper and full of sugar! I bet they don’t get that at the other kid’s parties…

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