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How to Choose Healthy Snacks at the Movies!

News Products Posted on August 9, 2018


We all love a good movie for a fun night out and a little something different to do on a weekday – but going to the movies doesn’t necessarily mean we need to stack up on the popcorn, fill up on the pick-a-mix or slurp our way through an XXL sized fizzy drink. Movie-going snack food could be healthy as well as fun, all it takes is for you to exercise a little authority in the family snack department and your days of microwaved hot-dogs are over! Although we cannot guarantee the kiddies won’t pester you for some chocolate, anyway…

Traditional movie theater fare came about through differing means. Ice cream was a luxury not brought to cinema seats until after the fifties, popcorn was a cheap, rationed source of theater food during the war and pick-a-mix reached its height in the eighties when penny mix-ups were the normal treat for children everywhere. Much as these treats have become synonymous with theater-going – that doesn’t need to be the case. We have simply become so used to unhealthy movie theater snacks that we have never stopped to think about how it could be improved upon.

In short: you have been societally brainwashed into believing that a good trip to the movies must include popcorn… but that’s simply not the case. Even the smell of popcorn is enough to make some people groan from memories of overindulgence. In fact, popcorn is actually one of the healthier movie theater snacks. When unsalted, unsweetened and not turned in butter or toffee, popcorn is actually an all-natural snack that doesn’t contain very many nefarious ingredients whatsoever. Serving it drenched in sugary coatings and in buckets bigger than your head, however, goes a long way to making it fairly standard ‘bad’ food.

So picture this: you arrive at the movie theater, you buy your ticket, you by-pass the sugary drinks and sweet treats and you select some sticky sweet prunes, some natural yogurt perhaps sweetened with a little honey and you invest in a few packets of nut or trail mix instead. Most mixed nuts will contain a healthy dose of your RDA for most vitamins and minerals and are a great snack to munch during a movie. Next time you go to the cinema, have a think about what healthy movie snacks you could be eating instead. If you can’t think of anything, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Read on for some helpful hints as to what healthy movie snacks you could be choosing from in the future!

Dried Fruit!

Dried fruit of any variety is often exceedingly vitamin rich and contains a wealth of antioxidants to boot. For a boost of Vitamin C which will perk you up, keep your skin healthy and your guts happy, then try dried apricots or dried peaches. If you are in need of B Vitamins to ensure your heart is healthy and that you are able to heal properly, then you want to try some dried or dehydrated banana’s. If you need dietary fiber grab yourself some sweet and sticky prunes, and if you are short of Vitamin K scoff some dried berries!


Yogurt doesn’t have to be frozen and full of sugar to be interesting. In fact, a little yogurt contains good bacteria that balance out the enzymes in your intestines, leading to regular bowel movements and healthier insides all around. One little pot of yogurt a day can do wonders for keeping the doctor away, so stock up and invest in some cinema yogurt!

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