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Healthy Snacks for sources of Calcium!

News Posted on June 28, 2018

Healthy Snacks for sources of Calcium

Modern life can be hectic, to say the least. We have jobs to get to, cars and homes to pay for, children to look after – and somewhere amidst all of that scheduling you need to find time to eat. Many of us resort to snack and junk food to save us the preparation time, with millennials doing even less cooking than the previous generation. Everything has to be fast, all foods need to be ready to eat… and obesity is rising in global proportions because of it.

Food prepared mechanically (or even just food that has been processed to taste better) is the downfall of this generation. Where a hundred years ago our diets were limited but heavily reliant on fresh, natural produce, nowadays there are so many ways to preserve food that all of those little additives start to pile up. That’s not to say that all pre-packaged foods are unhealthy – simply that we ought to be wary of it. We ought to be reading ingredient lists and examining contents for the sake of our well being.

So now that we have you suitably worried about your own diet, let’s take a closer look at Calcium itself and see what it is and what it does.


Calcium is a mineral that the body needs to survive. It is vital to healthy functioning and is responsible for the growth and maintenance of your skeleton. It helps your blood to clot normally, strengthens and grows your teeth and helps to regulate muscular contractions (such as your heartbeat and other functions you seemingly don’t control). Calcium is so important to us that some pretty serious diseases arise from the lack of it.

Calcium deficiency can cause Rickets in children, a disease once common in cities where many people living together in cramped quarters failed to get enough Calcium and Vitamin D. This horrible disease stops the bones from growing in equal measure and one of the residing symptoms that most survivors have in common is the ‘banding’ of the legs, not dissimilar to a Cowboy’s swagger.

Osteoporosis is another disease that lack of Calcium in your diet can visit upon you in your later life, according to the British National Health Service. Sometimes referred to as ‘Brittle Bone Disease’ this horrendous illness weakens the bones to the point of easy breakage. Sufferers from this condition often report wrist, finger and ankle fractures on a fairly regular basis and must be very careful about their level of physical activity.

Basically, it is very positive that you are here today to find out what a problem lack of Calcium in your diet can be. Now that you are aware of the potential for problems, let’s look more closely at some sources of Calcium that will provide you with a healthy snack!


healthy sources of calcium

Shop Almonds

Almonds contain 70 mg of Calcium for every 30g portion – or 264 mg per every 100 grams, to be precise. Naturally grown in the Mediterranean (and a few other areas), this nut will boost calcium and so much more. They contain no cholesterol whatsoever, contain only naturally healthy fatty acids, provide your body with 20% of its RDA of Potassium and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, B12 and B6. What else? They also give you 67% of your daily requirement of Magnesium.


healthy sources of calcium walnuts

Shop Walnuts

The Walnut is technically a seed, so not a ‘proper’ nut, however, it is classed as such in most instances and so we will do it too.

The Walnut contains 98mg of Calcium per 100 grams, making it an ideal source of healthy bones. The Walnut is also high in healthy fatty acids, It will provide 12% of your daily Potassium allowance and is a great source of natural dietary fiber. This humble nut will provide 30% of your RDI of protein and will give you a boost to Vitamins A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, as well as providing 39% of your daily Magnesium requirement, too!


mixed nuts healthy sources of calcium

Shop our Mixed Nuts

Hazelnuts are the fruit of the Hazel tree and can be found growing wild across much of Europe and some of North America. These nuts ripen in August and make the perfect addition to any meal. Whether roasted, toasted or simply eaten raw, this tasty and versatile nut is high in Calcium and so much more!

Although particularly high in healthy fats, the Hazelnut contains 11% of your RDI of Calcium, 19% of Potassium and a full 40% of your RDI of Magnesium. These little nuts contain all sorts of goodness, no matter how you eat them!

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts have a pretty unique flavor that means they are ideal as a sweet or as a savory snack. Brazils will add a touch of elegance to any meal – as well as making the ideal post-dinner snack. They contain 160 mg of Calcium per 100g portion.

Brazil nuts are also high in Potassium and Magnesium – all vital nutrients to maintain healthy functioning. Importantly, the Brazil Nut also contains Iron, which aids the Calcium to build healthy bones and make this nut a double-whammy of health!

Most Other Nuts!

Healthy sources of calcium healthy nuts

Shop Healthy Nuts

Nuts are one of the best nutritional sources that we have access to – and that’s not just in terms of Calcium either. A helping of nuts contains some healthy fats, a whole bunch of B Vitamins and all sorts of other minerals. Having plenty of nuts, seeds and pulse in your diet will do wonders for your vitamin and mineral intake and will leave you feeling a hundred times better. For the best nuts, pop over to L’Orenta Nuts and view our fine Gourmet Selection. Not only are they super-duper healthy but they taste great too!

A word of warning…

According to the boffins at Harvard University, too much Calcium in our diet can start to interfere with the bodies ability to absorb Phosphorous – the other ingredient vital for maintaining your bones. Phosphorus deficiency is rare but not unheard of, so you should be careful and make sure you check your recommended dose. Unlike some other vitamins Calcium is not water soluble and your body will have a little trouble expelling the extra if it is too much, which could leave you with an upset stomach or pains in your gut. You can find an accurate list of suggested Calcium RDI here, courtesy of Medline Plus.

So if you think that you might be lacking in a little Calcium, you should take action now. What better way to do it than by exploring the taste sensations you will find in our Gourmet Nut collections. Not only are they delicious, they are full of nutrients that will boost your well being and leave you feeling great. Shop now for the chance to spin and win a discount.

L’Orenta Nuts… because healthy snacking should always be Gourmet!

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