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Healthy Snacks for Getting Vitamins and Minerals

News Products Posted on June 21, 2018

Healthy Snacks for Getting Vitamins and Minerals

The modern world is hectic and we are a constantly moving generation, ever-shifting, never settling – and very rarely getting enough nutrients into our bodies to stay healthy! With so many commitments and challenges attached to a modern living, it has become essential for our bodies to resort back to a more natural diet. With less processed food and more of a return to the base food groups, we can restock our bodies and ensure they are getting enough vitamins and minerals. How do we do this? Read on to find out…

The ‘normal’ modern diet contains high levels of fat and sugar. Take-away or fast-foods are processed to the point of containing almost no nutritional value – even if they do taste great. These companies have spent millions on research to ensure that they taste great. They just haven’t put that same research into retaining the nutritional value. So for a start: the next time you crave a take away just don’t do it. Cook something instead. Studies have shown that food cooked by an honest-to-goodness real human being contained far more essential dietary nutrients than anything processed by a machine. So first of all, let’s make that the number one rule: the more natural the food you are snacking on, the better!

So now that we have eliminated the biggest cause of a poor diet, let’s turn to healthier foods that make great snacks and even help to put some of that all-important goodness back into your body. Take a look at our healthy snacks for getting vitamins and minerals!

The Food Groups

When it comes to natural, healthy snacks for getting vitamins and minerals, the base food groups are very important. Fruits and vegetables, nuts and pulses are high in nutritional value and are barely processed, especially if you prepare them yourself. If you want to eat healthier without giving up your snack time, then you would do well to turn to the base food groups and try to find tasty snack food derived from them.


Healthy Snacks for Getting Vitamins and Minerals

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According to, nuts are just about the healthiest snack you can choose…not only that but they come in handy, pocket-sized packs now that the world is waking up to their true benefit. An ounce of mixed nuts contains up to 50% of your Recommended Daily Intake of certain vitamins, meaning they are worthwhile to have in the cupboard.

One word of warning though: nuts have a high-fat content. Admittedly it is a better quality of fat than you might find at your local fast-food place and your body can process it easier – but it is still fat. If you are looking to lose weight then limit your nut intake and make up the difference with fruit and veg instead.


vitamins and minerals with healthy snacks

Pulse means beans. Beans and grains to be precise. Things like rice, pasta, bread… most of these are very good for you if you eat the right kinds and take them all in moderation. Some are even essential to a healthy diet. Rice or Pasta pots might make semi-healthy snacks, just remember: the more natural the better, Anything you have to add boiling water to rehydrate is probably not the healthiest option. Also, beware of pasta sauces as they can be quite calorific.

More Specifically…


Healthy Snacks for Getting Vitamins and Minerals Almonds

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The humble Almond hails from trees grown in the Middle East and provides a huge boost to our well being when consumed. Almonds contain no cholesterol while giving you 20% of your RDA of Potassium, 67% of Magnesium and 20% Iron (per 100g portion) – all of which are essential minerals that will keep your body healthy while providing a hearty snack.

Almonds also contain Vitamins A, C and D, as well as the essential fatty acids of Omega 3 and 6. What more could you ask for, from a nut?


Healthy Snacks for Getting Vitamins and Minerals Cashews

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Cashews grow on tropical trees and are seeds that usually grow in an apple. They are low in fiber, for a nut, but provide multiple other nutritional resources that your body will lap up.

Cashews will give you up to 20% of your RDA in Magnesium, Potassium, and Iron, contains a vast array of minerals, gives you Omegas 3&6 and only have healthy fats in them. They contain no cholesterol – meaning that this is a nut you can trust.


Healthy Snacks for Getting Vitamins and Minerals Peanuts

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Peanuts are a wonderful snack that we usually associate with Halloween – but that makes a healthy snack all year round!

Peanuts are a good source of natural dietary fiber, provide the body with Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium, are an excellent protein source for those of us who are interested in building muscle – and contain healthy doses of both Omega acids and a healthy helping of vitamins to boot!

The one problem peanuts have is that they are the most common nut to be added to. They come dry roasted, in salt and vinegar flavour, with a BBQ or chilli coating – try and keep your nuts natural for best results.


Pecans Vitamins and Minerals Healthy Snacks

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Pecans are an excellent go-to for dietary fiber and contain more than 19 different vitamins and minerals. Eating a 25g portion of Pecans will give your immune system a boost, your intestinal tract a refresh and your red blood cell production a shove forward.

The Pecan is actually a type of Hickory nut, and these are known for being great Calcium resources. They also contain the essential fatty acids that the body cannot synthesize for itself and small amounts of natural, untouched sugars. If you need an energy shot this should be your nut of choice.


Healthy Snacks for Vitamins Pistachios

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Pistachios contain roughly 13 g of Protein per cup and are a great source of manganese – one of the minerals that the body needs on a daily basis but that can’t be found in many food sources. This vital nutrient helps form blood clots and produces hormones – and should not be ignored.

Native to Asia and the Middle East, this cracking little nut has high levels of potassium and is a healthy snack for Vitamin B6 and is high in antioxidants. A few Pistachios a day might even just keep the doctor.


Healthy walnuts for vitamins

Shop our Walnuts.

Known to grow in extremes such as Persia and England, this hardy little nut will perk you up if taken in regular doses. Walnuts contain Selenium and Zinc, as well as countless other vitamins and minerals. They are good for fiber, for building red blood cells, for keeping the heart healthy… the list goes on…

If you want to learn more about which foods do what to your body, celebrity chef, and health food campaigner Jamie Oliver has put together this handy visual chart. You can also read an in-depth explanation as to what each mineral is and why we benefit from it if you care to visit the British Nutrition Foundation on their website, here. Likewise, we tracked down this handy little article about vitamin identification and sources to make your lives that little bit easier, courtesy of Precision Nutrition.

In the meantime you should take the first few steps towards healthier snacking – you owe it to your body and your good health. You can find a whole selection of premium quality gourmet nut snacks by heading over to our website.

Buy now, your body will thank you for it (and you even have the chance to win a discount)! Start today and work your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

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