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Health Benefits Crystallized Ginger

Posted on February 28th, 2022 - Health Benefits Crystallized Ginger | L’Orenta Nuts

Written By Sam Henselijn

Health Benefits Crystallized Ginger. Hailing from Southeast Asia, ginger is known for its healing properties and many health benefits. It is often used as a dietary supplement, and a replacement for many medications. It can also be a tasty treat, known as Crystallized Ginger. 

Crystallized ginger is made by first, peeling and slicing a ginger root and then boil and drain the result. After its transferred into a pot of sugar and water. Once this is brought to a boil the heat is reduced, and it is left to simmer. The liquid mixture thickens, turning into a sweet syrup. After draining a final time, the ginger slices are baked till sticky, and tossed into a bowl of sugar.

Now that we know how it is made, read about the history and health benefits of ginger.

History Lesson on Ginger and Ginger Root

Ginger is a flowering plant, standing around a meter tall. The - Ginger, Crystalized Slices

flowers themselves are yellow and purple, drawing in many creatures. The part we eat is actually the root of the plant. 

Originating in Southeast Asia, this spicy plant was transported throughout the world. It is considered a prime trading good; mainly due to the fact it held many medicinal properties. The spice trade of 1500 BC was dominated by ginger root, along with its family spices cardamom and turmeric. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans took this plant and used it to cultivate traditional medicine. India, the world’s greatest producer of ginger, used it primarily in cultural dishes as the main spice and flavoring. Western cultures took the spice and turned it sweet, making treats like ginger ale, gingerbread, and ginger snaps.

Health Benefits of Crystallized Ginger

Ginger is one of the healthiest roots.  It provides many health benefits, along with curing or aiding most ailments. Time to discuss what all Crystallized Ginger can do for you!

Ginger is highly effective when combatting nausea

People that struggle with recurring nausea or vomiting can benefit greatly from consuming ginger root. This includes morning sickness, chemotherapy nausea, and post surgery nausea.

Consumption of ginger can help treat indigestion

Studies show that ginger will help speed up the emptying of the stomach in situations of indigestion and upset stomachs. Not only will it soothe the pain, but it will encourage the body to work just a bit faster.

Inflammation stands no chance against ginger
Ginger is a quick antidote for chronic inflammation. Adding ginger to your diet will help lower your risk of many different forms of cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. 

Ginger will help with weight loss or management

Eating ginger will help curb appetites, leading to the consumption of less calories. Along with that, the anti-inflammatory properties the root contains boosts the burning of calories, and encourages the body’s natural production of insulin.

naturally treats arthritis

Arthritis is the degeneration of your joints, leaving them stiff and painful to use. Consuming ginger can reduce this pain, and alleviate some of the stiffness, allowing you to stretch and use the joints easier than before.

Research shows it will lower blood sugar

Low blood sugar is essential to preventing heart disease. This is also an easy way to help treat diabetes in a natural way. Lowering your risk of heart disease will help you successfully avoid strokes or heart attacks.

Ginger significantly helps pain relief

The salicylic acid found in ginger root eases pain and discomfort. It soothe muscles, and helps with menstrual pain. Of course, it won’t be an instant cure, but steady consumption will show positive long term effects.

Your immune system will improve

Ginger contains numerous antioxidants that help support your immune system, and fight off chronic diseases. It will fight off germs, and keep viruses at bay.

  • Use ginger root to lower cholesterol

Daily, or often, use of ginger in any form will decrease the levels of cholesterol within your body. Doing this will greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

It is a cure all for the common cold

The nutrients found in ginger fights off infections currently inhabiting your body, while also preventing future ones from forming. The root will help your respiratory system, and keep you warm while it lowers your fever. Studies show it will also help soothe throats and suppress coughing.

Ginger contains a large amount of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 will help improve moods, and manage symptoms of depression. This vitamin is essential for producing serotonin and dopamine, which play a vital role in fighting depression. 

Health Benefits Crystallized Ginger

If you exercise often, you are familiar with how fast energy depletes. Magnesium helps move blood sugar through your body and into your muscles, helping them heal faster while also producing a supply of energy.

Eating ginger is one of the easiest ways to heal your mind and body. - Goji Berries

Firstly, for those who prefer a sweet to spicy treat, Crystallized Ginger is a fantastic snack to give a try. Secondly, enjoy the taste and thirdly the huge number of benefits that come along with it. The list above is just a small snippet of the health benefits of Crystallized ginger. Give it a try and see what you think, and how great you feel!

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