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Forget Fruitcake: These Holiday Gift Ideas Will Make You the Talk of the Holiday Party

Products Posted on November 21, 2018


Forget Fruitcake: these Holiday Gift Ideas will Make you the Talk of the Holiday Party!

Every year we face the same recurring problem: how do I chose a unique gift for the office or for my friends and family that will stand out from the crowd, be tailored to that individual and that will be universally loved by all? It’s not easy; but we are here to help you ditch those Fruitcakes in favor of a few holiday gifts with a twist!

Here at L’Orenta’s Gourmet nuts and snacks we don’t just want our customers to be the best gift giver in the family – we want them to be the talk of the holiday party season! So read on for some Holiday Gift ideas that will leave you astounded!

Traditional Holiday Gift Ideas v’s What We Do!

Traditionally speaking, a box of chocolates, a package of fudge, some shortbread or a fruitcake are acceptable Christmas gifts for neighbors and acquaintances. While these gifts show that you are generous and thoughtful, they also allow just enough generic goodness that means they will suit most people. So, here at L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks we started thinking about how we could go about changing the traditional into something a lot more tasty!

We use nuts and dried fruit blends along with natural yogurt, stroopwaffels, milk, white and dark chocolates and all sorts of intoxicating spices and sweets that will set any recipients mouth to watering. For the perfect Christmas gift we offer enough variety that we are able to fill all different requirements for Christmas gift and Christmas snacking needs. Our mixes make the perfect accompaniment to those long, cold winter nights or are ideal for gift giving, so read on to find out more about some of these fantastic products.

We focus on high quality taste sensations that will help you make new memories this festive season. So without much further ado, let’s take a look at some of the choice you have in gift ideas when you buy from L’Orenta’s nuts!

Christmas Gifts with a Twist!

Holiday Boxes

Although not exclusively a Christmas themed gift box, the Spicy Deluxe perfectly exemplifies the sort of things we can do to make our nuts taste impeccable. Ideal for the spice lover in your life, this gift box is an alternative to some specialized hot sauce or a bottle of booze. With Wasabi delicately dusted over Soy Cashews, a spicy Fiesta Mix or a South Texas themed hot mix – this is your box. The perfect Christmas gift for those that love their food spicy!

The Yummy Yogurt Gift Box

This packet of goodies is filled with creamy smooth yogurt that leaves a refreshing tang in the mouth. It contains both yogurt covered peanuts and yogurt covered almonds and is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. Unbelievable, we know, but there are people out there who have to live without it… and this is the perfect gift for them! The Yummy Yogurt gift box makes an excellent gift for the health conscious too, so bear them in mind when you come to browse our wares!

The Pretzel Pair Box

This package is a second option for those who you want to treat with a yummy Christmas gift, but that just don’t eat nuts. Though we are nutty for nuts here at L’Orenta’s, we also pride beautifully baked pretzels dipped in luxuriously rich and soft milk chocolate; combined with the piercing tang of yogurt covered pretzels. Ideal for an alternative festive gift that your work colleagues or neighbors will adore. This is another healthy alternative to a sticky box of chocolates or a heavy fruitcake – and it is ideal for all types of people, too!

The Ambrosial Almond Mix

This aptly named mixture includes two sets of almonds; one dipped in rich and intoxicating dark chocolate, the others wrapped in our signature smooth milk chocolate. The combination of either alongside this naturally sweet nut makes for a heavenly taste that you just can’t reproduce anywhere else.

The Ambrosial Almond Mix is the ideal gift for those family members that you want to spoil. It is also a great idea to have a tin of these out on your after-Christmas-dinner table, so that your loved ones can nibble on something extra special to match the day.

White Chocolate Toffee Cashews

One of our favorite blends, this super sweet and sticky treat is the perfect size to give as a token gift for those that you want to delight, but that you shouldn’t really spend a whole lot of money on. You know the type; the neighbors, the nephew’s wife, your daughters teacher… those kinds of people. IT isn’t a full on gift box but it is a delightful treat bag that will make them smile and offer you endless thanks. IF you want to be the seasonal talk of the town (in a good way) then this is how you do it!

L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks

Here at L’Orenta’s our family have been making nut and fruit mixes since the 1930’s, and we are proud of our legacy of elegance, taste and sophistication. We provide only the best quality of produce made from hand chosen ingredients and time-tested recipes – so when you buy from us you are always getting an exceptional end product.

Should you wish to purchase corporate gifts we can accommodate you and can even insert marketing documents into each pack, if you like. We happily provide the best for all of our clients, be it business or otherwise, and we are ready and waiting to take your order.

So make L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks a first when you think of Christmas gifts this festive season. If you visit our page and shop now you can even spin to win to get a discount for first time customers. So get shopping now and be ready in time for Christmas with the plethora of choice you will find here at L’Orenta’s.

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