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Cozy up to the Hygge Trend with these L'Orenta Favorites

Products Posted on November 26, 2018


Cozy up to the Hygge Trend with these 10 L’Orenta Favorites

So Fall is upon us already and once again we find the nights becoming longer and darker while the days become duller and the sun weaker. During these months it is a natural part of human nature to want to snuggle down and be warm as often as possible, conserving our all important energies for when we need to go out in the harsh cold. This desire to be comfortable is known by the Swedish term ‘Hygge’ and here at L’Orenta’s we know exactly what seasonal snacks to bring to the party!

What is Hygge?

Hygge is that warm, comfortable feeling you get when you lounge in front of a fireplace in deep winter, when you come in from the biting frost of Autumn or when you get that pleasant tingling feeling in your fingers after heating them up. Hygge is a concept, a feeling and a decor, and it revolves around the warmth of a good hearth and the comfort of plush fur rugs.

Naturally we at L’Orenta know that it doesn’t end there, and that any good, worthwhile experience in life can be made all the more effect when you introduce the right snack for the situation. We read about the Hygge trend and knew instantly that we had some healthy, delicious and luxurious snacks that would perfectly compliment the Hygge trend. So without lingering let’s get right down to business and recommend our top ten Hygge snacks for a snugly Fall.

Hygge Snack Number 1 – The White Chocolate and Coconut Almond

We like to make interesting, innovative and unique snacks that you just won’t find anywhere else. The White Chocolate and Coconut Almond mix we create is a testament to taste, combining the sweet, tropical tinge of Coconut with the wholesome goodness of our meticulously blended, high quality white chocolate. When you want to cozy up in front of the fire this season these nuts will transport you into instant comfort.

Hygge Snack Number 2 – The Bridge Mix

For our Bridge Mix we pursue that sweet and succulent chocolate and use it to coat a whole range of other delicacies. We covered sun-ripened Golden Raisins, Blanched Peanuts and toasted Almonds in our signature blend of choice milk chocolate – but we didn’t stop there. We added raisins and almonds coated in our dark chocolate blend too. Also in this delightfully decadent Fall mix you will find Vanilla and Raspberry creams coated in sweet and semi-sweet milk chocolate deliciousness. The Bridge Mix covers every base and is a hell of a lot more exciting than it may sound.

Hygge Snack Number 3 – The Candy Cane Almond

Exclusively available through L’Orenta Gourmet Nuts and Snacks and only at this time of year – the seasonally inspired Candy Cane Almond mixes the exquisite crunch of our natural roasted Almonds with a candy cane coating made from actual, ground-down candy Canes! Never has a nut tasted so much like a festive treat! If you want to delight your children with a supreme snacking sensation then the Candy Cane Almond is exactly what you need this year. Our Candy Cane Almonds are so special that you can only get them when you purchase one of our gift boxes, so remember to request them when you order!

Hygge Snack Number 4 – The Eggnog Almond

To create this festive treat we had to think big! We wanted a seasonal nut snack that reminded everyone of their favorite time of they year – and what better way to do it than by coating the finely toasted Almond, dipping it in our creamy, rich Eggnog coating and then covering it all in white chocolate for the ultimate sweet treat. Try the Eggnog Almond this Fall before we sell out and they are gone again until next year!

Hygge Snack Number 5 – Tri-Color Holiday Almonds

Our tri-color holiday almonds come in red, white and green candy coatings to keep you feeling jolly this festive season. This blend mixes our sweet candy delicacies with the three colors of the holiday season, meaning you can entertain the kiddies while you munch on your favorite sweetened and roasted L’Orenta Almonds.

Hygge Snack Number 6 – The Cinnamon Pecan

We take natural, raw, whole Pecans and bake them to perfection. Once they are toasted to tasty satisfaction we dust them with a luxuriously blended cinnamon spice that really reminds us of the festive season. If you want a spiced snack this fall then make it our Cinnamon Pecan, a snack sensation with a difference.

Hygge Snack Number 7 – The Honey Toasted Pecan

We wanted to combine two natural, divine flavors that complemented each other as well as embodying the season – and we created our secret recipe honey coating that melts in the mouth in answer! Next, we added the crisp succulence of our toasted Pecans and mixed it all together to create a truly delightful Fall snack to snuggle up with this Hygge season.

Hygge Snack Number 8 – Milk Chocolate Almond

We at L’Orenta’s have spent years researching and developing a way to make milk chocolate that gives a long-lasting impression. To make a Hygge snack that is simply unforgettable we coated our finely toasted Almonds with smooth and velvety milk chocolate so unique and tasty that it won’t ever be forgotten!

Hygge Snack Number 9 – The Roasted and Salted Cashew

To make a slightly more traditional Hygge snack we roasted Cashew nuts till they were crunchy and delicious, then we dusted them gently with a helping of luscious seas salt. What is unique about this blend is that other nut companies simply sprinkle on table salt – but not here at L’Orenta, we want every bite to be special!

Hygge Snack Number 10 – Natural Pecan Halves

If you long for the comfort and warmth of the season but are watching your waistline, or if you love fitness friendly snacking, then our Natural Pecan Halves are exactly the snacking alternative that you need. For a nut that leaves you feeling warmed down to the very bones give them a try – perfect at any time of the year but especially good for creating the feeling of comfort found at special times of the winter.

L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks

Here at L’Orenta’s we have been designing the best in premium quality nut blends since back in 1934 – and with so much time to perfect our recipes you better believe that we produce some of the best nuts in town. Try some for yourself by visiting our online store and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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