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Celebrate National Candy Month | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on June 23, 2022

Celebrate National Candy Month | L’Orenta Nuts

Every first day of June, people worldwide celebrate National Candy Month. There is no better way to celebrate this eventful month than indulging all your sweet cravings. Treats and candies get acknowledged throughout June for their contributions to making memorable occasions. 

For people who love all sorts of candies, this is the month to enjoy them all. You can indulge in our jelly-filled Glazed Donuts and Gummy whales

History of National Candy Month 

The National Confectioners Association established National Candy Month. The first time people celebrated National Candy Month was in January of 1974. But the celebration was moved to May when it was noticed that the sales of candies often drop drastically after busy holiday seasons. This is mainly due to the new year resolution people make to steer clear of sweets. Eventually, it now settled in its current place in the summer of June. 

National Candy Month aims to celebrate the delicious confections that candy companies have produced for over 100 years. People also use this celebration to recognize the powerful economic impact of the candy industry. 

Why We Love The National Candy Month

There are so many reasons why we love National Candy Month. Some of them include: 

    • It celebrates the economic impact of the global candy industry: The candy industry alone is worth more than $35 billion. This industry also provides at least 55,000 jobs. Candy is a crucial part of our economy. Also, many of the influential candy organizations in America are owned by families. 
    • It’s the most delicious month of the year: It doesn’t matter if you want gummies, sweet confections, spicy candies, or sour candies. You can indulge all your cravings all month long. Hold no restraint and go wild. You can worry about your cavities the following month. 
  • It reminds us to stay balanced: We love candy and approve of indulging all your sweet cravings. However, this holiday also reminds us to know how much sugar we are eating. The National Confectioners Association has ensured all candies have accessible labeling where you can know the amount of sugar in each candy. During this holiday, also remember to indulge responsibly. Indulge all your cravings. But also know the amount of sugar you are consuming. 

Some National Candy Month Activities 

There are numerous activities you can do this National Candy Month. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

1. Have a Candy Battle

If you have wondered which candy is superior, candy battles are -

an excellent way to know. This holiday, host your friends at a candy party where all your favorite candy brands are available. Let your friends decide by eating the candy they love. The candy your friends eat the most is the winner. Our fantastic Gummy Sugared Bananas and Licorice Strawberries are some delicious candies to try out.

2. Sit Around a Campfire

One of the best ways to celebrate National Candy Month is to sit around a campfire with your loved ones while snacking on candies. Apart from the fact that it is fun, it’s a time to bond better with your loved ones. We recommend our Red Lips Gummy Candy and Lemon Drops. The combination of the sweet and sour flavors is perfect for a cool night around a campfire. 

3. Try an Experiment or Two

It doesn’t matter that National Candy Month falls during the summer holiday. You can still do one or two experiments. Combining something delicious might be what you and your kids need. One of the most straightforward experiments is engineering toothpicks and candies. It is advisable to use jelly beans or gumdrops. Build your sweets in various three-dimensional shapes. Then, see if they can build a bridge. Also, test how much weight it can carry. Your kids will love this activity. You can use our delicious Jelly filled Gummy Turtles and our Jelly Belly Beanboozled Fiery Five for these activities. After the experiment, the reward you will get is sweet flavors.

4. Movie Night

Movie nights are always a perfect fit. Pick a day to enjoy a movie -

with your loved ones in the comfort of your home while enjoying delicious candies. Our charming Chamoy Gummy Strawberries and Chamoy Nerd Gummy Clusters are perfect for this activity. Enjoy the exciting flavors of these delicious candies. You will also get to enjoy your favorite movie with your loved ones. 

Final Thoughts 

You can celebrate National Candy Month with the mentioned activities and candies. You can also search for other activities to enjoy this holiday. The candies above will also work well with all your activities for National Candy Month. Remember to indulge your cravings but in moderation. 


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