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Can Dogs Have Dried Apricots? | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on April 23, 2022

Can Dogs Have Dried Apricots? | L’Orenta Nuts

Can dogs have dried apricots? The answer is yes, dogs can have dried apricots but only the flesh of this dried fruit is healthy for consumption by your dog.

Unlike apricots that have pits, leaves, and stems, dried apricots are free of them. The flesh of the dried fruit has a good amount of nutrients – they contain vitamins such as Vitamin A & C, have no lipid, are rich in dietary fibers and minerals. You can choose to include the flesh of dried apricots to your dog’s daily meal plan.

When giving your dog dried apricots, they must be in small portions since the nutrients in them are not just dried but concentrated. Dried apricots vary in size but they are also sugary which means that if your dog eats a large portion of them, it will have an excess amount of unhealthy sugar in its body.

There are some dried apricots that contain added sugars while in


the process of making them. To confirm whether sugars or other additives are in the dried apricots before feeding them to your dog, check the ingredients on the body.

Do not fall into the category of dog owners who feed their dogs mixed dried fruits and dried apricots together. You must avoid it at all costs because the mix may have raisins, sultanas, and currants that are dangerous to dogs. Also avoid feeding your dog dried fruit with nut mix as well because it may contain currants, raisins, and a dangerous nut known as ‘macadamia nuts’.

Let’s have a look at a recommended L’Orenta dried apricot product.

L’Orenta’s Dried Apricots

This product has no peanuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, and has a sweeter taste because of its large size. Its apricots pack has a sweeter taste with more variety and flavors so that every bite is worth it. These are also plump, moist, and chewy any time you eat them or add them to your baking recipe. They are also perfect for your favorite trail mix recipe.

A velvety sweetness emerges from these golden orange disks that


are normally dried whole and then pitted. If you need a delicious healthy snack that is great for your active lifestyle.

These have naturally sweet flavor with delicious ingredients to complement pork and poultry dishes, as well as baked muffins, scones, quick bread, and cookie recipes. They are available in 1 lb. and 5 lbs.

Making your order for this product is quick and easy. Simply order a bag here.

Health Benefits

If you are still in search of an answer to the question ‘can dogs have dried apricots?’ then, you must know about the health benefits of this product. L’Orenta Dried Apricots possess many antioxidants such as beta carotene and vitamins A, C, and E.

They are rich with many compounds, particularly vitamin A & E, that boosts your eye health. These dried apricots boost the appearance of the skin and improve gut health. The main causes of wrinkles and skin damage are environmental factors, such as the sun, pollution, and cigarette smoke.

Dried apricots contain a good amount of fiber for men and women. Apricots have a rich amount of potassium and mineral that serves as an electrolyte as well. It sends nerve signals and regulates muscle contractions and fluid balance.

How to Store

It is a well-known fact that dried fruits have less moisture than


fresh fruits. This makes them hardly spoil because water makes them spoil quickly. A good place to store this product is in the refrigerator because it helps to maintain its freshness. You can keep it in the main compartment of your refrigerator for up to six months and still enjoy the fresh taste of the dried apricots.

You must store them in a cool, dry place below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep them properly sealed in an airtight container, away from direct artificial light or sunlight. Just ensure they do not have any direct heat because it could change the freshness of these dried fruits.

Fun Facts

The state of California, USA, produces about 95% of the apricots consumed in the USA. Apricots are members of the rose family and this fruit has been in existence for up to 4000 years. They are a relative of the peach and the trees grow best in light and loamy soil. They have a strong resistance to drought. National Apricot Day is celebrated yearly on January 9th. Astronauts ate the fruit on the Apollo mission to the moon.

The Takeaway

Again, do dogs eat dried apricots? or can dogs have dried apricots?, the answer is yes but, it must be done with the precautionary measures earlier stated. Also make sure to always double check with your vet to make sure 100% your dog in particular can eat dried apricots. 


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