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Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries? | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on March 22, 2022

Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries? | L’Orenta Nuts

Are you trying to figure out whether your dog can have dried cranberries? What should you watch out for when it is included in other foods?

Many of us enjoy dried cranberries for their flavor but also their health benefits. Cranberries are a versatile fruit featured in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

You might be wondering whether your dog could reap any of the nutritional benefits of cranberries too.

Let’s explore whether it is safe to give your dog dried cranberries. 

Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries?

Yes, small amounts of dried cranberries are safe for dogs, but you shouldn’t consider them as a daily part of your pet’s diet. 

The reason is that dogs should not eat too much sugar, and dried cranberries have concentrated sugar due to the drying process. So, if they haven’t eaten any other sugary treats today or within the last few days, moderate amounts of dried cranberries are fine.

Your dog can then snack on dried cranberries just like any other fruit treat. If allowed to eat dried cranberries, feed your dog no more than 1 teaspoon every other day.

If too many dried cranberries are eaten, your dog could end up having diarrhea or a stomach ache. No one wants their dog to have those kinds of uncomfortable things happen to them. 

So it’s best to give your dog dried cranberries as treats instead of making them into their regular food.

Are Dried Cranberries Good For Dogs?

Cranberries are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, with many calling them a superfood. They are high in vitamin C, which is essential to humans and guinea pigs, although other species actually manufacture their own source. 

Dogs, therefore, don’t really need an external source of vitamin C. So, it is ok for your dog to have dried cranberries.

Can Puppies Eat Dried Cranberries?

Most definitely! It’s best to keep giving your puppy small

045-henselijinssmall - Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries? I L’Orenta Nuts

amounts of this fruit until he gets used to it and likes the taste. 

If you’re going to treat him with these fruits, then give them as snacks during holidays or special occasions instead of giving them as a part of his regular diet.

Benefits Of Dried Cranberries

There are some health benefits of dried cranberries – just be careful with how many of these cranberries you let your dog eat at one time. They are a good treat because they are high in dietary fiber, but too much fiber can lead to stomach upset; so moderate how much they eat.   

Can dried cranberries ever be bad for dogs?

No.  The only bad thing about dried cranberries is that sometimes dogs get sick of eating them over and over in small


amounts. If you’re going to treat your dog with this fruit then do it once or twice a week or less.

If they eat too many dried cranberries at one time, they will throw up because they just cannot handle that much sugar. 

Dried cranberries can be also be a choking hazard for dogs. They’re small and can get stuck in their throat while trying to chew them up into smaller pieces.

Be aware that while dried cranberries alone are perfectly safe for dogs, they can become dangerous when mixed with certain  other dried fruits or nuts. Many manufacturers add dried fruits to their nut mixes to add color, sweetness, and a festive feel. 

An example is raisins, which are a no-no; salted peanuts is another.  It is best to provide your dog with dried cranberries alone.

Final Thoughts

Yes, your dog can have dried cranberries as long as you only provide it in small amounts and as an occasional treat. Too much of any fruit or vegetable could cause digestive upset, so only give in moderation. 

A great source of dried cranberries for your pet dog as well as yourself is L’Orenta Nuts.   Easily ordered, easily re-ordered! Remember, dried cranberries are not only good for your pets, but a wonderfully healthy food for you!   Order some today.

Please consult your veterinarian before feeding your animals or dogs cranberries. The above information is based on our research and findings.

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