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Sweet Treats for National Watermelon Day

Posted on July 9th, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Watermelon Day, when is it? Summer is incomplete without biting into a delicious piece of fresh watermelon. On a hot day, you cannot host a BBQ or picnic without including this plate as it is so refreshing. Like watermelons, its candy-flavored goodness is sure to make you grateful. Crack open a pack of watermelon candies from L’Orenta Nuts!

When is National Watermelon Day? 

On August 3rd, National Watermelon Day honors the cool summertime refreshment enjoyed at picnics and fairs! The eating contests of this fruit and seed-spitting contests are popular outdoor activities. Most types have a similar flavor profile: sweet, juicy, and fruity. The refreshing nature of this fruit helps it stand out.

History of the day 

We celebrate the day because this delicious, refreshing fruit deserves its own day. Its cultivation goes back to 2000 B.C., with the earliest harvest mentioned in Egypt. Mutations over a thousand years of cultivation have resulted in the delicious fruit we enjoy today.

Traders across the Kalahari Desert bought those watermelon seeds via the trading routes of Africa. Its farming expanded throughout Africa from there. The progenitor of this fruit originated in Africa. And it then moved to the Mediterranean regions and other areas of Europe. Farming of it became popular in China and the rest of Asia by the end of the ninth century.

Planting Guidelines

You can plant them in the garden after the threat of frost. - Ginger, Crystalized Slices

Or you can start inside two to four weeks before the last frost date in paper or peat pots. It is often planted in 4 to 6-foot apart mounded hills. When the seeds sprout, thin them out so that each mounded hill has two or three plants.

You will need warm soil for seed germination. By covering the outside earth with black plastic, you can warm it to the required 70 degrees. Plant two transplants per hill if using nursery seedlings or seeds started inside.

Row coverings are helpful to keep your young plants warm in cooler climates. Row covers will protect the plants from the many insect pests attracted to watermelons. But you have to remove them when the flowers blossom to ensure pollination.

You have to consume the fruit as soon as possible. They need to be kept chilled, and they will only last a few days after cutting them. You cannot store uncut melons in the refrigerator. If possible, you can use a cold room (45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit) to preserve your watermelons.

How many days does it take to grow?

How long does it take to grow to its largest size? To develop to full-size, you will need 80-90 days from seed sowing to harvest. Watermelons of lesser lengths can mature in as little as 70 days.

Watermelon candies

These watermelon-flavored candies are a delicious sweet. And you will enjoy how the dark green candy-coated outside contrasts with the reddish-pink gummy candy within. Each piece of Watermelon slice candy is bursting with sweet and delicious flavor, just like the taste of the fruit, and they resemble watermelon slices. So they will give a great touch to any cocktail, party, barbecue, or other celebration!

Chamoy Watermelon Slices are a fan favorite! We use our unique blend of Chamoy, Tajin, and other spices to coat watermelon slices, resulting in the ultimate sweet and sour candy flavor.

Watermelon jelly-belly bubble gum from L’Orenta will satisfy

Watermelon-jelly-belly-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com

your sweet craving and make your taste senses dance with delight! These delicious jelly beans are overflowing with excitement. In every mouthful, there is a watermelon bubblegum taste. 

Watermelon Gummy Rings are ring-shaped watermelon-flavored candies with a sugar coating. And the fat-free starch-based Gummy Watermelon from L’Orenta is a must-try for your summer snacking plans! These chewy sweets are soft and gummy. With the sweetness of your favorite candy, you will get the traditional watermelon flavor you know and love. It is a great treat to offer at pool parties or to put in goody bags after a big event.

Place our Watermelon Jelly Belly beans in the center of your picnic tables! A mouthful of these luscious seedless watermelon-flavored jelly beans will have you ready for summer. And we are confident this will be a long-time favorite Jelly Belly taste.

Thus, watermelon is quite a refreshing fruit for summer. You can enjoy them as juice, popsicles, smoothies, and whatnot. Even though it is a summer fruit, you can enjoy it all year round as a candy. Crack open packs of these candies from L’Orenta.

When is National Watermelon Day?

August third

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