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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Posted on January 31st, 2023
valentines day gift guide

Written By Sam Henselijn

Gift Guide, Time and time again, you get stuck on what to give your partner on Valentine’s Day hits. The stakes are just too high, and the pressure is on to find the absolute best gift for him — something thoughtful and unique that shows how much you care… 

Our tip? Make a sweet basket of edible treats he simply won’t be able to resist. At L’orenta Nuts, you’ll find dozens of delicacies with different price points. There’s something to please everyone, no matter if you’re shopping for your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, father-in-law, or any other man in your life.

At the end of the day, just remember it’s the tough thing that counts, and as long as it’s from the heart, he’ll appreciate it. Whatever you end up getting, pair it with a sweet card and maybe a nice homemade dinner (you cook, he does the dishes. Fair is fair). 

Here’s our Gift Guide for Him on Valentine’s Day.

Cupid’s Gift

Cupids Gift

Looking for a little something to sweeten your next movie night? Our Cupid’s gift includes 4 different products all packed in a beautiful L’Orenta exclusive box! Included are cherry Jordan almonds, happy hearts, conversation hearts and Cupid’s Love Potion Mix.

Sweet Bites Gift Box 

An exclusive Variety Box featuring a finely curated selection of butter toffee mixed nuts, butter toffee cashews, milk chocolate almonds, and milk chocolate mocha dusted almonds. A beautifully presented gift box, ready to be sent out to loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Peanut Lover’s Mix

You can’t go wrong with a sweet and savory snack mix! This Valentine Peanut Lover’s Mix includes butter toffee peanuts, roasted and salted peanuts, and honey-roasted peanuts, plus chocolate gems in red, white, and pink. It’s the perfect little treat for all the guys in your life. 

Almond Coffee Beans

Our Almond Coffee Bean set comes with white chocolate coconut almonds, dark chocolate espresso beans, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate stroopwafels. Coffee beans are a great source of antioxidants, but most importantly, it’s also a powerful aphrodisiac… Ideal Valentine’s Day gift? We think so too. 

Valentine Heart Pops 

Our heart pops are the perfect thing for your little Valentines – or anyone else, really. Made with solid premium milk chocolate, wrapped in different heart designs. Each box comes with 24 heart pops and a standing display tray. Great to have on display at a dinner party or send with the kids to school so they can share the love. 

Peach Be Mine Gift Box 

A delicious and varied gourmet gift box that ticks all the boxes!


Comes with peach gummy rings, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, Valentine’s chocolate Gems, French burnt peanuts, plus one of each of our top-selling stroopwafel flavors: caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. 

Gummy Bears Tin

Candy, but make it luxury. Surprise your favorite guy with these classic sweets and you’ll be sure to make him smile. White chocolate-covered gummy bears and 12 colors and flavors of gummy bears are beautifully presented in our exclusive gold tins. 

Terrific Treats Gift Box 

Terrific Treats

Valentine’s Day is all about the chocolates… This selection is going to make any chocolate lover’s heart beat faster. Get ready to fall in love with our dark chocolate cordials in festive sparkling prosecco and rose flavors. The box also comes with double chocolate-dipped peanuts and yogurt-covered almonds. Heaven in a box.

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