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Take a Bite Out of Our Gummy Candy

Posted on August 11th, 2022
Bulk Gummy Candy Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Take a Bite Out of Our Gummy Candy. Did you know that gummy candy has been around since the 1920s? Gummy bear candy was created in Bonn, Germany by a man named Hans Riegel. Gummy candies continued to evolve throughout the years until one of the most popular gummy candies ever created was made: gummy worms! At L’Orenta, we continue the gummy tradition with a variety of delicious gummies that many people know and love. As you Take a Bite Out of Our Gummy Candy, we hope you think about how far gummy candy has come!

Gummy candy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although they started as simple gummy bears, they have since evolved to include fish, snakes, rings, and even fingers! Shape, though, isn’t the main selling point of gummy candies: it’s the flavor! Flavor is such a quintessential part of gummy bears that some companies spend millions each year on perfecting it. Why? As it turns out, there are a lot of flavors that people across the globe don’t agree on. One of these is what a yellow gummy should taste like. How much lemon is lemon-y enough? It can be tricky, but we think that we’ve finally got it right.

Take a Bite Out of Our Gummy Candy

Sour Wild Strawberries

Relatively new to the L’Orenta  sour gummy candy family is our sour wild strawberries. Deliciously sweet on the inside and tangy on the outside. These are delightful additions to trail mixes or a lovely snack for long car trips. They also aren’t so sour that children can’t enjoy them. These also make a unique topping for strawberry shortcakes! Just prepare the shortcake traditionally and top with a large dollop of whipped cream. Decorate the whipped cream without our strawberries for a sweet and sour touch!

Gummy Sour Pineapples

Who doesn’t love a little tropical flair with their gummy candy? Our gummy sour pineapples aren’t only delicious, but they offer a variety of flavors. The green pineapples are actually cherry flavored, while the orange and yellow ones taste of pineapple. If you toss these into a bag of coconut flakes or cookies to recreate the delicious flavors of a pina colada or mai tai. These also make great treats for students at end-of-the-year parties!

Gummy Jelly-Filled Turtles

These turtles are packed with much more flavor than they appear! Despite their vibrant colors, these turtles taste like caramels and cream! Extra chewy and rich, our gummy jelly-filled turtles offer soft caramel flavored outsides and decadent, cream fillings. For a fun dessert at an ocean-themed party, top a dish of vanilla pudding dyed blue with our gummy turtles, or add them to a mold of blue jello before it solidifies.

Gummy Glazed Donuts

Donuts have been rising in popularity since the 1400s. So much so that now there are entire party themes dedicated to them! As you’re planning your next “Donut Grow Up” birthday, purchase a bag of our gummy glazed donuts to add to the treat table. If you’re thinking that glazed is a boring flavor, don’t worry! Our donuts are offered in nostalgic lemon, chocolate, cherry, and raspberry flavors. There’s certainly something for everyone to love!

Gummy Mini Fried Eggs

Are you a fan of green eggs and ham? While our gummy mini

Take a Bite Out of Our Gummy Candy

fried eggs aren’t green, they do make a delightful addition to literature-themed parties! These cute fried eggs have a juicy peach flavor despite their deceptive shape. Lay this out on plates with fruit leather bacon for kids, or serve them in miniature cast-iron pans as a holiday gift. With so many uses, our gummy mini-fried eggs are a gummy candy you’ll want in your pantry all year long.

Gummy Unicorns

Perfect for a pastel princess party, our gummy unicorns are absolutely magical! Featuring strawberry, lemon, raspberry, and grape flavors, this gummy candy is a staff and customer favorite. These gummies are sweet, chewy, and look great in bulk bins. We particularly like the idea of using them as cupcake toppers!

Gummy Double Cherries

These giant sets of cherries are an absolute must for summer-time snacking. The large size and extra soft texture of our gummy double cherries make them perfect for young teeth. The candies are extremely vibrant and possess a powerful cherry flavor that will make your mouth water. If you plan on hosting an ice cream party, we suggest setting these out in addition to traditional cherries. The overall aesthetic of our double cherries atop a mountain of whipped cream is Instagram-perfect.

Gummy Spicy Mangoes

Not only are these mangoes extra soft and chewy, but they are also jelly filled! Our gummy spicy mangoes feature a succulent mango flavored gummy filled with spicy jelly. They almost taste like real mango dipped in chamoy, so make sure you purchase a bag if you like heat. These gummies are the perfect addition to a candy party mix or they taste delicious by the pool. If you’re a prankster who loves April Fools day, our spicy mangos are a perfect trick (and treat) for your coworkers!

With so many different flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder that gummy candies have remained so popular! While you Take a Bite Out of Our Gummy Candy, let us know which gummy is your favorite. We’re obsessed with our sour gummies! We like to toss them into bottles of sprite or top our puddings at lunch with them. What’s your favorite gummy and snack combo? 

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