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Tackle the Tailgate With These Game Day Snacks

Posted on October 29th, 2018
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Tackle the Tailgate With These Game Day Snacks

So we have all been there: you park up in the parking lot behind the stadium a few hours before kick off. You want to soak up the atmosphere, but mostly you just wanted to make sure you got a space. Now you face a few hours of hanging around and you realize – there are loads of people doing exactly the same thing you are. People go to football games and support from the car park – but while they are there they pass the time eating, drinking and being merry… so what do you bring to the tailgate party? Don’t panic! Here at L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks we already have the perfect game day snacks for that Tailgate. Trust us and read on…

Tailgate Snacks are a Huge Deal!

Behind that stadium on any given game day you will find families feeding themselves from disposable barbecues, people setting up awnings and even salesmen with hot-dogs trying to make a buck. If you didn’t go prepared you can expect to spend a small fortune bartering for things to stop the kids stomachs rumbling in that pre-game party. What you need is snacks that you can take with you to save your disposable income from the harsh realities of stadium food – what you need is some of our specially devised game day snacks.

Tackle the Tailgate With These Game Day Snacks

The perfect tailgate snack should be easy to transport. It should be lightweight, fulfill your hunger needs and keep you nibbling until you can get home. Save yourself the expense of stadium food and think outside of the box… what types of food could you take with you, that are reasonably healthy and don’t involve lugging a BBQ out into a car park? You guessed it, nuts are the answer! And here at L’Orenta’s we make some of the best nut blends in the world!

Without further ado let’s look at the best tailgate game day snacks that we have to offer. We’re pretty sure we have a little something delicious for every single one of you.

Best Tailgate Game Day Snack Number 1: Roasted and Salted Peanuts

For those of you who like a healthy snack that is chock-full of healthy goodness and delightful crunch; our Roasted and Salted Peanuts come in two varieties. We have a mix of Roasted Redskin Peanuts that are slowly roasted to perfection until those flaky skins fall away and melt in the mouth; and then we have an inspired mix of blanched, roasted and then salted snacks in our Blanched Peanut mix. Either option presents the very finest in tailgate snacking and will keep your kiddies away from the array of sweet foods that they might find in the party.

Best Tailgate Game Day Snack Number 2: Honey Toasted Pecans

When you want an alternative flavor combination but don’t know where to turn we at L’Orenta’s have got you covered! Our Honey Toasted Pecans represent a game day snack to die for, offering the smooth and rich notes of naturally sweet honey combined with the earthy, savory and delicate flavor of the Pecan. We slowly toast out pecans to nutty perfection before dipping them in our sumptuous blend of sweet and sticky goodness; crafted from a secret recipe and specially designed to make your game day party a day with a difference.

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Best Tailgate Game Day Snack Number 3: Southern Sweet Mix

When you like a little mixed-up snacking that still retains some of the healthy goodness while providing you with a little something sweet – then our Southern Sweet Mix is definitely the tailgate snack you need. We took Roasted and Salted Almonds and Peanuts and complimented their savory delight with butter toffee Almonds and butter toffee Cashews. We brought it all together with the textured, crisp crunch of sweetened banana chips that lighten the palate and make for a party all of its own! If you are looking for the ultimate tailgate party snack then this might just be the one!

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Best Tailgate Game Day Snack Number 4: Roasted and Salted Cashews

As a family company who have been perfecting nut and snack blends to gourmet standards for generations now; believe us when we tell you that nobody makes a Roasted and Salted Cashew quite like we do. We hand select the most premium quality Cashews before toasting them gently at a low setting. We finish the piercing flavors of the cooked Cashew off with just the right amount of salt. Moreish and heavenly, this is a Tailgate snack that will make game day unforgettable and will give you a fresh boost of nutritional minerals while it does so. Good tailgating snacks should be healthy as well as tasty, and our roasted, salted Cashews really hit the nail on the head in that regard.

Best Tailgate Game Day Snack Number 5: Roasted and Salted Almonds

Continuing with the theme of healthy and nutritious snack foods that taste scrumptious, L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks present the roasted and salted Almond snack that will change your perception of healthy foods. For a tailgating snack that leaves your kids happy, keeps you away from the vendors and fills you up, these little beauties are difficult to beat. Our roasted, salted Almonds are baked to crisp delicacy then peppered with a fine coating of salt to combine into a palate pleaser that will always leave you wanting more. Our Almonds are a specialty to us; but to you they will be the ultimate best game day snack to bring along to the tailgating party.

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L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks

Here at L’Orenta’s we have spent years crafting, refining and researching the best flavor combinations to make each and every snacking experience a delight. We want you to indulge in our experience and treat yourself to some of our gourmet nuts and snack mixes. Each game day is unique and each tailgating party is different, but we are pretty confident that you will find what you are looking for by visiting our online store. We want to help you surprise and delight your friends by providing high quality, upmarket snacking with a difference – and to help us share the experience we offer first time buyers the opportunity to win a discount!

For the very finest in tailgating party snacks make it L’Orenta’s, where our snacks are perfect for every occasion.

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