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Sweet Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month

Posted on March 22nd, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

National Candy Month. The entire month of June is dedicated to candy, which is great news to those of us who love sugar! National Candy Month is a chance for us to celebrate our love for candy, and even try some candy we haven’t gotten a chance to enjoy yet.

With an entire month for candy, you might be wondering how to celebrate? Don’t worry! We have plenty of ways you can enjoy National Candy Month, and not all of them include sharing your sugar stash.

National Candy Month Activities to Enjoy with Family and Friends

Host a Candy Potluck

Throw a little party and have everyone bring their favorite candy! Lay the goodies out for everyone to sample, or even throw it all in one giant bowl and mix it all up! Either way everyone will get to try different candies and learn more about the people who brought the candies.

Try adding more excitement by making it a challenge! Rate the candies everyone brings and choose the top favorites. The winner gets to keep all of the candy!

Suggestions: Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings or Krispy Kreme Jelly Beans 

Plan a Candy Treasure Hunt

Take small containers such as treasure chests, mini eggs, or even fun shaped capsules. Fill them up with small candy and hide them around your house and yard. Once everything is well hidden, let the kids loose! Everyone will have a blast finding candy that they get to eat afterwards.

This could even be a great activity to try during birthday parties or family celebrations.

Suggestion: Gummy Tropical Frogs

Sweet Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month

Blindfold candy taste test

This one is incredibly fun to do with friends or family! Get a wide spread of different candies with unique flavors, and line them up. Pop on the blindfolds and take turns trying the candies out and seeing if you can guess the flavor! Be sure to include some sour treats for funny facial expressions! 

Suggestions: Moscow Mule Jelly Beans or Pink Grapefruit Sours

Have a movie night

Choose a candy themed movie if you are really dedicated, or just choose a movie nobody has seen before. Then make it a game! Everytime you see a red car in the movie you have to eat candy. Everytime there is an explosion you have to swap candy bags with someone. Hold a sour candy in your mouth for as long as someone holds their breath underwater. Gather up your friends and come up with your own candy rules! 

Suggestion: Snapple Mix Jelly Beans

Snapple-mix-jelly-belly-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Tropical
Snapple-mix-jelly-belly-www Lorentanuts Com

 Host a “Battle of the Candies” party  

This is where everyone brings their favorite candies, eats as much as they want, and at the end of the evening, whichever candies were eaten most wins. You can do a single winner, or have “gold,”  “silver,” and “bronze” categories. Nobody is really a loser!

Suggestion:  L’Orenta Mint Cookie Malted Balls

Try making your own candies

You have nothing to lose by trying your hand at creating your favorite treats. You might want to start with simple recipes such as peanut brittle or simple chocolates, rather than more complicated treats such as gummies.

Take turns at a candy-filled piñata

Hang your candy-filled piñata from a ceiling fixture or tree branch outside. Grab an instrument like a baseball bat or broom handle, and take turns taking one or two swings to bust it open!

A blindfold and a few spins before starting can make this especially fun and challenging for participants of all ages. 

Suggestion: L’Orenta Picasso Almonds

With an iridescent colorful coating, these dark chocolate almonds are a treat for both your eyes and your stomach – perfect for your National Candy Month party! In gorgeous shades of red, purple, green and gold, our Picasso Almonds are truly a delicious work of art. Go on, try one in every color!

Ways to Celebrate National Candy Day Solo

Try a Candy You’ve Never Tried Before

This one is fun because it can be anything! You can choose a type of candy, or even a flavor you have never had. Through this you might discover some new favorites, or even get some fantastic gift ideas for the future if you find a hidden gem. If you have never tried spicy candy before, we recommend

Suggestion: Jelly Filled Spicy Mango Gummies or Sour Gummy Pineapples -

Try Something Retro

Candy has been around for centuries, and a lot of the old favorites are still available! You might find some you have never tried, or you might take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some nostalgic favorites.

Suggestion: Lemon Drops or Gummy Red Lips

Freeze Dry and Taste-Test

Freeze drying candy has recently become popular, but it is a fun and unique way to enjoy candy! It changes the texture, and can sometimes even alter the flavor.

Suggestion: If you have a freeze dryer, try adding some Peachy Penguin Gummies and see what happens!

Make Your Own Candy

Homemade candy is not only delicious, but so fun to make! You can make gummies, hard candy, licorice, or even create your own chocolate bars. Find some recipes to try online, or even get creative and make your own recipe. Either way you will end the day with some delicious treats you made all by yourself.

Now, next time National Candy Month rolls around, you will have plenty of ideas on how you can spend the month! Invite some friends and family, or enjoy candy solo. Either way, enjoy plenty of sweet treats!

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