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Beef Satay With Spicy Peanut Sauce

Posted on June 14th, 2022
Beef Sate Recipe

Written By Sam Henselijn

Beef Satays with Spicy Sauce is a favorite and popular dish in Southeast Asia. There are many countries around the world that now enjoy this delicious beef satay with spicy peanut sauce. Satay can be prepared using any meat. In this recipe, we use beef. An easy-to-make cucumber salad is also an excellent cooling side dish for these spicy beef satays.

Ingredients Beef Satay

The following ingredients are vital to making this recipe. They include: 

  • Steak and marinade
  • One tablespoon of soy sauce (reduced-sodium) 
  • Ground cumin (½ teaspoon) 
  • Dipping sauce (Crush up these Peanuts)
  • Two tablespoons of lime juice
  • Two tablespoons of freshly grated lime zest OR 1 tablespoon of finely diced lemongrass (only use tender inner stalk) 
  • 1 ½ pound of skirt steak (flank) OR other beef meat (skimmed)
  • Brown sugar (one teaspoon)
  • Ground coriander (½ teaspoon) 
  • Diced ginger
  • Freshly ground pepper (½ teaspoon)
  • Fish sauce (one tablespoon) 
  • Nicely diced onions (½ teaspoon) 
  • Ground turmeric (one teaspoon) 
  • Ground cumin (½ teaspoon)
  • Diced garlic (two teaspoons)
  • Nicely diced onions (½ cup)
  • Chopped fresh ginger (one teaspoon)
  • Coconut milk (1/2cup)
  • English cucumber (one). Ensure it’s cut into fine ⅛-inch-thick chunks 
  • Ketchup (one tablespoon)
  • Canola or peanut oil (two teaspoons)
  • ¼ cup of Unsalted peanut butter (natural) 
  • Rice vinegar (¼ cup) 
  • Brown sugar (one tablespoon)
  • Lime juice (one tablespoon)
  • Sugar (one teaspoon
  • Diced fresh cilantro (¼ cup) 
  • Cucumbers (marinated)
  • One pinch of salt
  • Asian chili sauce including Sriracha and other hot pepper (one teaspoon)
Beef Satay

Instructions Beef Satay

The following simple steps outline how to make the Beef Satay With Spicy Peanut Sauce. If you follow these steps, a delicious Beef Satay With Peanut Sauce will result.  

Step One: Marinate Your Steak 

Combine the following in a small bowl: 

Brown sugar, line zest or lemongrass, fish sauce, coriander, pepper, ginger, cumin, turmeric, soy sauce, garlic, and lime juice. 

Then, carefully cut your steak diagonal across the grain into one to two inches large pieces. Ensure you put these finely cut steaks in a resealable gallon-size plastic bag. Then, add the marinade and mix till the steaks are coated. Freeze for two to twelve hours.

Step Two: Prepare Your Dipping Sauce 

Put some oil in a small saucepan and add your onions. Cover and let it cook under low heat. Also, ensure you stir it from time to time until it becomes soft. This usually takes about five minutes. Add garlic, lemongrass, or line zest and ginger. Reduce the heat to avoid over-browning and stir continuously for another two minutes. Then, add peanut butter, brown sugar, fish sauce, coconut milk, hot sauce, ketchup, and lime juice. Gently stir until the whole mix is entirely blended. Add water if needed. You can regulate the seasoning using brown sugar, lime juice, and sauce. 

Step Three: Prepare Cucumber 

Add your cucumber, sugar, vinegar, cilantro, and salt to a bowl (medium size). Mix. Add more salt or sugar if necessary. Then, put it aside. 

 Step Four: Prepare Beef Satay 

Use your charcoal grill to prepare a medium-heat fire. If you have a gas grill, set it to medium heat. You can also use a broiler. Take out the steak strips from the marinade. Then, tie them onto the skewers. Use one skewer for one stripe. Grill and turn once three minutes later. Remove steak from the skewer and warm your dipping sauce. Your steak is ready to be served.  

With the above simple recipe, you would make delicious Beef Satays with spicy peanut sauce. You can find hundreds of delicious candies, nuts, chocolate, and more on Click here to get started. Satisfy your sweet cravings today!

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