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Peach Rings with Chamoy

Posted on July 11th, 2022
Chamoy Peach Rings Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Pistachio and Almond Cake, a candy that is both delicious and exciting. This article discusses how they are made, taste, and look. Chamoy peach rings might solve that longing desire for the perfect candy.

How to Make Them

Chamoy peach rings are easy candy to make. You will find them

peach rings with chamoy

more fulfilling if you love salty, spicy, and sweet Mexican gummies. They possess a sweet yet sour taste that is exciting for the taste buds. Here is a list of ingredients needed to prepare chamoy peach rings to be measured according to your desire:

  • Gummy rings
  • Low sodium Tajin or Tajin classic
  • Liquid chamoy

Procedure peach rings with chamoy

Add your peach ring gummies to a big ceramic or glass bowl and add a little Tajin. Next, put the liquid chamoy and mix thoroughly with disposable gloves. Ensure that you combine to the point that the Tajin and chamoy would adequately coat the gummy candies. 

Afterward, place the coated gummies on an aluminum foil baking sheet and evenly spread a little Tajin. Allow 2 hours of drying or leave them overnight for adequate drying so that their stickiness is ideal. 

In case you are not up for personally making chamoy peach rings, you can always opt for a quality-made product like the one by L’Orenta. Our L’Orenta exclusive candy is dairy and peanut-free with an extraordinary softness. They contain a premium coating with tangy Chamoy, spices, and Tajin. The color of this product is red with such an attractive look that guarantees its deliciousness.

Our best-selling product combines quality spices to create both -

sour and sweet rings. Its deliciousness will satisfy your taste buds, especially with its fresh taste. To create a top-notch taste, they are made in small batch quantities. Due to this consistent process, their flavor remains rich and not overpowering, with a texture that is not high. 

Their stickiness is proof of their freshness, so if you see them in a clump state, do not discard them but enjoy their fresh taste. They are naturally sticky.

They are available in different cup variants such as 1, 5, 10, and 20. You can save more when you buy more. We also have other quality chamoy candies such as jolly rancher gummies, skittle gummies, peach rings, watermelon slices, gushers, and cherry sours. These chamoy products are also handcrafted.

Conclusion peach rings with chamoy

L’Orenta’s chamoy peach rings are a staff favorite candy that is highly nutritious, rich in taste, and made with quality ingredients. Purchasing our peach rings with chamoy will make you happy, especially if you are having a bad day. Orders are easily made, and they arrive fast. Make an order today!

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