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How to Choose High Protein Snacks

Posted on August 31st, 2018
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Written By Sam Henselijn

The normal day-to-day activity of your average working Joe involves juggling more tasks than you would think you were able to handle if you actually sat down and thought it all through. How to Choose High Protein Snacks. Between keeping yourself clean, fed and fit, keeping a job, maintaining a social level of interaction, somehow, then going home and doing everything you can to promote and enjoy a loving family life: a healthy and balanced diet gets understandably forgotten about. The truth is that we need to consider things like the Protein level in our diet if we want to look after our bodies and boost it with high protein snacks if we can.

Without a properly balanced diet and the vitamins and minerals we can absorb from it, our health starts to suffer. Without all of the proper dietary requirements being met the body will be unable to make new cells, will take longer to heal, will have a weaker immune system and, in the most extreme of cases, will eventually die. In short; not getting enough of certain substances in your diet can kill you… that’s how serious it is. So when we say a healthy and balanced diet, it really, truly is in your best interests to listen.

Let’s take one of these dietary requirements: Protein, and see what we can learn about it and, most importantly, where we can find some high protein snacks that fall under the banner of healthy foods.


Protein performs so many bodily functions that we will be hard pushed to list them all here! It is present alongside other minerals in the bones, is used to make new blood cells, is needed in the production of hormones, in the maintenance of muscles, in the production of DNA, Keratin and antibodies – the list goes on. Protein is one of the main compounds that our body is made up of, so getting enough of it in the diet is vital for health and well-being.

Protein’s function in the formation and maintenance of new and old muscle make it a much sought after component by body builders and those seeking to bulk out their muscle mass. Athletes will go to extraordinary lengths to eat enough protein and thus the current trend towards body building protein bars, snacks, and shakes. We are not so sure about the chemical composition of most of these scientifically altered substances and will look at more natural, healthy snack sources of protein that won’t run the risk of adversely affecting your body.

Interestingly enough, the human body can live indefinitely through adulthood without any fat or carbohydrate in their body, but studies have shown that an adult deprived of protein will live no longer than 70 days before the body shuts down completely. Protein deficiency is most commonly presented as a lack of production of each of the nine amino acids, each of which has their own, individual symptoms. If you think you are suffering from protein deficiency you need to up your intake immediately. So let’s examine a few ways you can introduce healthy snack sources of protein into your diet without having to get the doctor involved!

How to choose High Protein Snacks

Choosing healthy snacks that will give you a protein boost between meals and help you achieve your daily doses of vitamins and minerals is actually pretty easy…when you go natural. Start with some nuts… each of which is a veritable protein powerhouse! Dried fruit is another great way to get protein without resorting to red meats, but fruits tend to contain high levels of vitamins (which are great too!) rather than the supportive mineral structure nuts provide, which will ultimately speed up the body’s ability to absorb all that healthy protein, to begin with!


Hailed by many as a super-food, the Almond has loads of essentials packed into it, but most relevantly they contain no less than 5.9g of protein per one-ounce serving (28g). In fact, per 100g these little nuts contain 42% of the recommended daily allowance of protein, making them a go-to snack for any would-be weightlifters out there!

raw almonds front

Pumpkin Seeds

When it comes to protein the humble Pumpkin seed falls not far behind the almond in the percentage stakes. With 38% of the RDA per hundred grams, these little seeds contain 5.2g of Protein per ounce.

Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio nuts fall next in line, with forty percent of the RDA and a full 20g per 100g, these nuts are pretty amazing. The best thing about nuts and seeds are that they will give you a healthy helping of all of the necessary daily minerals at once, meaning you get a shot of pure health when you power a small bag of nuts.

Cashew Nuts

Harvested from tropical evergreen trees, the Cashew nut also contains loads of protein. These lovely little treats often come salted so be careful of their salt level. Taken alone they have very little sodium and should be just right to boost your protein level. They represent 36% of the RDA per hundred grams and will provide a solid energy boost to get you through any hardcore session at the gym!

Roasted salted cashews To Go Cups Perspective

So now that you know about nuts and their relationship with protein and essential vitamins and minerals, you should head on over to L’Orenta’s nuts and do some shopping. They supply the finest quality, premium gourmet nuts for all occasions that make snack times much more interesting 0 and healthier too! For the best in healthy snack sources of protein, shop now and spin to win a discount if you happen to be a first time customer. If not, then you already know about their delicious, healthy and guilt-free nuts and snacks selections. What are you waiting for? Go and have a look, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

What nuts are high in protein

Several nuts are rich in protein, making them a nutritious snack. Here are some high-protein nuts:
Almonds: Almonds are a good source of protein, healthy fats, and other essential nutrients.
Peanuts: Peanuts, although technically legumes, are often considered nuts. They provide a good amount of protein.
Pistachios: Pistachios offer protein along with dietary fiber and various vitamins and minerals.
Cashews: Cashews contain protein, healthy fats, and are a good source of minerals like iron and zinc.
Walnuts: While walnuts are not as high in protein as some other nuts, they still provide a moderate amount along with omega-3 fatty acids.
Brazil Nuts: Brazil nuts are a source of protein and also provide selenium, an essential mineral.
Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts offer protein along with dietary fiber, healthy fats, and various vitamins.
Including a variety of these nuts in your diet can contribute to meeting your protein needs along with providing other essential nutrients.

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