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Gummy Ring Candy For Your Next Event

Posted on July 3rd, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

These gummy ring candies offer the taste buds a chewy and flavorful experience. Do you know why gummy rings are so yummy? Each of them has a soft center covered in delectable sugar dusting. Your kids will have so much fun with them. They can stretch them, wear them as a ring, or take a bite. All is fair when it comes to gummy rings. This is a guide to gummy ring candy for your next event!

What are Gummy Ring Candy? 

A gummy ring is a candy made in the shape of a ring. It has a center filled with dusty sugar, which bursts in the mouth. These candies can be stretched or even worn as a ring. Kids can have as much fun as they want before eating the candy. These blue raspberry rings are sweet and also sour. So, you get a world of both sweet and sour when you bite into one of them. 

What Events Can Gummy Rings Be Used For? 

One advantage of the gummy rings is that they work fine for any event. Whether it is used at birthdays or family celebrations, these gummy rings are sure to excite the taste buds of your guests.  Below are a few occasions in which you can incorporate gummy rings. 

1. Kids Party 

Is your daughter having a sweet 16 party or your baby boy is having his fifth year birthday? Whatever the case is, these candies work fine for any. Each bag comes loaded with enough candy to keep your kids occupied and happy for the duration of the party. You can play a quiz or spelling game at the party and use the candy as a treat or reward. You can grab one of our apple rings here and have a taste!

2. Red Colored Party 

Our cherry rings come in the color red. This makes them perfect

Cherry-rings-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com

if you’re having a red party. So, while your guests are rocking red or a touch of red, complete the red riot by having bowls full to the brim with gummy rings. 

3. Bar Mitzvah 

Our blue raspberry  or watermelon ring starch will work excellently well if you have a coming-of-age Bar Mitzvah for your boy. This candy is sure to keep the mouths of your guests busy throughout the event. Both your kid who has come of age and his friends will thank you for the treat. 

4. Graduation Party 

Pack our strawberry banana gummy rings to your child’s

Watermelon-gummy-rings F

graduation party. They are tasty and leave the mouth craving for more with each bite. Whether your child is graduating from middle or high school, they’d appreciate the thought you put into bringing them our tasty strawberry banana gummy. 

5. Quinceañera

Your baby girl just turned 15, and being a Mexican family, you’re thinking of a treat for your guests. Look no further than our watermelon gummy ring candy for your next event. Our watermelon ring candies taste like watermelons and will leave you and your guests in sweet ecstasy. 

6. Gender Reveal 

If you are expecting a baby, introduce the newborn with a sweet treat. You can order the candy in cherry or blue raspberry. Invite your friends and family and give them a treat of any of the colors, depending on what gender you’re having. Click here to order our peach ring gummy candy!

Final Thoughts 

Gummy rings are the perfect treat for any occasion. Whether you have a gender reveal, or bar mitzvah, these ring gummies are your best bet. Order any of our gummy ring candy for your next event today, and your taste buds will thank you for it. 

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