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Gummy Hearts Candy from L’Orenta Nuts

Posted on July 27th, 2022
Pink Candies Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Gummy hearts, kids loves these gummy hearts candy. They are popular chewable sweets with gelatin and are made in all kinds of shapes and forms. Our gummy hearts are just that, heart shaped gummy candy perfect for many different occasions. 

Gummy Hearts Ingredients

The ingredients used in making gummy hearts include starch, gelatin (or pectin, or starch), water, corn syrup, malic acid, citric acid, little flavoring, coloring agents, and sucrose. Little wonder they assume a tender and chewy state when adequately made.

Perfect Events for Gummy Hearts

1. New Year’s Day

There are several new year’s day parties. Some even take place on

Sanded-hearts-perspecitve-www Lorentanuts Com

new year’s eve until the early hours of new year’s day, while others take place on new year’s day itself. Whatever the case may be, having some gummy hearts at that event is not bad.

It contains the right amount of sugar to boost your guests’ mood. You can also take some gummy hearts to a new year’s party as a gift. It will make the perfect gift for this event, and your actions will undoubtedly be regarded as thoughtful.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Are you planning a party for civil rights activists on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? It would be best to stock up the venue with enough gummy hearts to set the mood right. You need everyone looking vibrant at your party, so give them this ultimate mood booster. You can make or easily purchase these gummy hearts online for your comfort.

3. National Freedom Day

Need the perfect snack to share on National Freedom Day? The simple solution is gummy hearts! They are delicious to entertain your guests while you celebrate freedom’s importance. 

You can put the gummy hearts in a big bowl and place them on a table with other snacks. Your guests will find the shape exciting and have a try by munching on them. Not long after, they will confirm how sweet every bite is.

Gummy Candy, Sanded Hearts 1LB Bag (Fundraiser) -

4. Valentine’s Day

What other event is perfect for gummy hearts like Valentine’s Day? The gummy candies have a heart-like shape that makes them suitable for your significant other. You can also give family and friends you love this candy and trust that it will brighten up their mood. Also, these chewy candies can be shared at any Valentine’s Day event. Its shape suits the occasion perfectly, and its taste is an extra advantage that your guests will love.

5. Anniversary

If your significant other loves delicious, classy, and chewy candies, you have the perfect gift for them. Make or buy enough gummy hearts and present them with the ideal message. That will be regarded as a romantic and thoughtful gesture.

6. Romantic Date

If you plan a romantic date with your partner or someone you like at a beach or your house, gummy hearts can score extra points for being romantic. Their shape is a plus, and they will make for a good snack after the main dish. Once you are sure that your significant other loves snacks like this, the plan is a go.


There is hardly an event not appropriate for gummy hearts. They are not just delicious but also chewy and soft – a perfect combination. You can serve them at events or gift them. Whichever one you choose, they will be highly appreciated.

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