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Do Sour Candies Help With Anxiety

Posted on July 5th, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Do Sour Candies Help With Anxiety. Did you know that over 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety? Anxiety can cause increased blood pressure, sweating, rapid heartbeat, and even shakiness. Unfortunately, there is not always a clear cause of anxiety. That also makes it difficult to treat it. While there are a variety of ways to cope with anxiety, many sufferers are searching for natural ways to integrate into their routines. Using food or drink to cope with anxiety seems like an easy place to start. This leaves us with an age-old question: Do Sour Candies Help With Anxiety 

The short answer is: yes, they do! Sour candies can help you manage anxiety and also some of the nausea that accompanies it. While sour candies can’t completely prevent an anxiety attack from happening, they can slow it down. Keeping a bag of our candies in your bag or desk in case of emergencies certainly won’t hurt!

Why do sour candies help with anxiety?

When dealing with anxiety, it’s important to have a variety of

Do Sour Candies Help With Anxiety

grounding techniques. Grounding techniques are basically ways to distract you from anxiety symptoms. Since thinking about the anxiety makes the cycle intensify, sometimes the body needs a shock to distract it. What’s one way to distract the mind? Sour candy!

Super sour candies like our sour green apples can help stop an anxiety attack in its tracks. After you pop one of these gummies in your mouth, focus on the rich green apple flavor. It can help lessen or stop symptoms over time. The more sour, the better, so don’t hesitate to chew on a few pieces of our gummy sour mix the next time you feel uneasy.

Indulging in something chewy may also help redirect anxious behaviors. When chewing on something, your body and mind tend to focus on that one activity. This can help you focus on things other than anxiety symptoms and help slow your breathing. Our sour gummies can give you both benefits at once when used correctly!

Do sour candies help with nausea? Why?

Not only can sour candies curb an anxiety attack, but they can -

also help soothe bouts of nausea. When you eat a handful of our sour wild strawberries, it activates a chemical reaction in your mouth and stomach. Sour candies contain quite a bit of citric acid which causes you to salivate. The extra saliva also helps create more gastric juices, which can aid in digestion. 

Our sour gummies can also help you in an unexpected way: by making you chew! When you chew on something, your body goes through a series of events to prepare for digestion. Chewing tells the body to make movement in the gastrointestinal tract. By chewing something for a long period of time, you are fooling your body into digesting whatever is causing  your nausea. We suggest something extra chewy sour gummy mix to get you started!

While our sour pineapples can help ease your nausea in a pinch, don’t overdo it! Eating too many sugars can actually worsen symptoms. If you’re feeling the effects of nausea, it’s best to eat a few pieces of sour candy and then wait for any signs of improvement. Don’t forget that sour candies cannot treat recurring nausea! They can only help manage symptoms.

Why do sour candies help with morning sickness?

In the same way that sour candies help reduce nausea, they can -

also counter morning sickness. Sour candies like our gorgeous sour flowers are full of vitamin B. Vitamin B has been suggested to help improve nausea symptoms. 

While it can’t necessarily prevent vomiting, chewing on a sour flower or two in the morning could help get rid of that sick feeling. You can use sour candies in tandem with low doses of vitamin B6 or improve nausea symptoms!

There’s a lot to love about sour candies! It seems like you can eat them any time of day and receive some benefit from them. Through a combination of chewing actions, citric acid, and B vitamins, sour gummies can pack a punch. Next time you have an important presentation or meeting, try chewing a few gummies to keep you calm and focused. With a few delicious L’Orenta gummies, you’ll be acing that sales pitch in no time.

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