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Celebrate Sweets

Posted on February 15th, 2022
Old Time Candy Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Celebrate Sweets. We invite all the sweet lovers to share with us our common passion for snacks! We are genuinely passionate about creating delicious treats and mixed snacks, good for your health and respectful of your diet! 

Our recipes offer enough variety so you can choose salty or sweet options for your snacks and that you can implement with your diet. Many of our products are dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free diets and more. 

Nowadays, we use different substances and liquids to sweeten beverages and foods. But for many centuries, honey was the only sweetener of the world. Since ages of time, the sugar cane has traveled all around the globe with mankind. Until the 18th Century it was an expensive and delicate product but became massively used with the exploitation of sugar beet and industrial refineries. 

Some Facts

Originally from New Guinea, the sugar cane migrated quickly to the South West of Asia and the interest for it just kept growing. Over the years and the industrialization, its use changed and improved. The process of extracting sugar from cane and beet is much the same, except that the sugar cane is first crushed while the sugar beet is sliced. The crushing then the pressing of the sugar cane is done in powerful mills. It extracts the juice which contains all the sugar.

The sugar from the beets is extracted by osmosis in diffusion cylinders through which hot water is circulated. As it passes through the beet slices, the water becomes increasingly sweet. In both cases, a concentrated juice is obtained in which crystals of pure sugar form on cooling: this is crystallization. Whether it comes from beets or cane, table sugar or white sugar is the same product: sucrose.

Nature is providing us with so many ingredients to play with!

Delicious L’Orenta Sweets

They help regulate food intake and help burn energy, which is why roasted almonds or Brazilian nuts are greatly appreciated by active people and athletes. The unsaturated fats and other nutrients prevent the apparition of heart diseases.

Consumed with moderation with a balanced diet, dried fruits are amazing snacks if you struggle adding some vitamins and fibers to their diets. You can easily add several dried strawberries to your yogurt! They help lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, decrease inflammation and increase a sense of fullness.

Dried-strawberries-perpsective-www Lorentanuts Com Dried Strawberries
Dried-strawberries-perpsective-www Lorentanuts Com

The best combo for your body (and your soul!) is to actually mix your favorite nuts and dried fruits! Our powerful vitamin fruit mix contains golden raisins, dried cranberries, chopped dates, diced apples and diced apricots! What else can you ask for? 

More options for the special days celebration? No worries, we have you covered! For the big dates of the year besides your birthday, we prepare special recipes to mark the day ! Have you ever tried our Crunchy Mix Box for the 4th of July? Snack healthy all day next to the barbecue with this incredible mix of South Texas Heat, L’Orenta Crunch, Fiesta Mix and Mountain Mix! 

Halloween Candy

Halloween is also THE favorite candy day for kids and adults, so we got you covered with Gummy Hairy Spiders, Gummy Halloween Sours and Gummy Halloween worms

Worms-perspective-halloween-candy Caramel Candy Corn

Your best friend is having a baby boy? Bring her a delicious “It’s a Boy Mix” with milk chocolate blueberries, yogurt covered raisins and natural whole almonds. 

We provide so many options for you to choose so you will always have an excuse to share your candy! And if there is not a special moment, simply enjoy the joy of simple moments every day such as watching a movie with your loved ones and sharing salted caramel pretzel bites

Salted-caramel-pretzel-bites-front-view-www Lorentanuts Com Pretzel
Salted-caramel-pretzel-bites-front-view-www Lorentanuts Com

We kept the best for last: our chocolate treats! We completely take advantage of the fact that chocolate has an amazing taste AND health benefits! Are there three types of chocolate?

Sam Henselijn Author’s Biography – Meet L’Orenta Nuts CEO

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