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Blue Gummy Bears Occasions

Posted on August 14th, 2022
Gummy Bears Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Blue gummy bears are perfect for different occasions. Not only do they look pretty, but they taste great as well. This makes them great as a snack item but also a party favorite. We discuss different occasions to use our blue gummy bears. 

Boy diaper party

A boy’s diaper party is like a baby shower, but for dad and his friends to celebrate the soon-to-be-born baby boy. Here, the gifts are practical, and people bring diapers and wipes that, frankly, you will need a lot of. So if you are planning on throwing a sick boy diaper party, the blue gummy bears will be perfect!

Although these parties are more chill than a normal baby shower, there will be some drinks and barbeque so that everyone will crave something sweet. This is when the blue gummy bears come in. Not only do they fit the theme by being blue, but they are also an easy snack that everyone can just grab on the go. Moreover, if there are any kids at the event, they will love this sweet, which will surely keep them distracted so the adults can have fun.

Cocktail party

A cocktail party is simply an informal event that has lots of

Watermelon-gummy-bears F-2
Watermelon-gummy-bears F-2

cocktails. Sometimes women wear cocktail dresses and cocktail hats to fit the theme, but overall it is used for social networking. You can also throw simple cocktail parties with your friends to get an excuse to drink.

Regardless, there are many salty snacks that go well with cocktails. You will be busy making fritters, toast, cheese tarts, fish and chicken bites, and other savory items. However, what about something sweet? This is when the blue gummy bears come into the scene! Not only are they prepared, so you just need to set them up, but they will provide a sour and sweet punch amidst all the drinks. They also go very well with a lot of drinks.

Water themed party

A water-themed party can include any form of water game. Young children and teenagers will absolutely love this as it is very fun and perfect for those hot summer days when you just want to lie in the water. Of course, these are fun for kids, but adults can enjoy them just as much.

Whether it is a pool-themed party or a beach party, the blue gummy bears fit the theme perfectly by being the color of the water. They are also easy to grab and eat. Since these parties are mostly for children, like birthdays, you can be assured that everyone will love their sweet and sour gummys. Another great thing about these sweets is that they are completely mess-free! So there are no dirty hands to clean with lots of happy children.

Blue bridal shower

A bridal shower is a pretty important event for a bride before she gets married. On this day, the bride-to-be gathers all her friends and family, usually women, to celebrate getting married. The traditional bridal shower includes the friends and family of the bride showering her with gifts for the big day.

So when you have gathered your friends and family at your house, these blue gummys will be a yummy addition to the table. Usually, there are lots o cupcakes and other sliders presented to the guests, but simply chocolates and biscuits are also a great addition. Just like small candies that decorate the table, these gummys will be a great decoration that will also be edible! If every decoration is blue, these gummys will bring the whole look of the party together as well.

Blue colored wedding

Lastly, who wants a traditional wedding anyway? Recently there has been a rise in themed weddings or weddings that follow a color scheme as they look more elegant and put together. In case you want a blue wedding, these gummys will be a small item that will show how the attention to detail that took to plan the day.

Not to mention, these gummys make excellent cake toppers! Therefore, if you want a touch of blue on your wedding cake, put these gummys on there. If not, you can simply put them in a goodie bag for wedding guests so they can take a part of your wedding home and enjoy it.

Where to get the best blue gummy bears?

The good thing is, we have great blue gummy bears waiting for you at our store. Despite the event, you will not be disappointed with the quality. They can be bought in bulk for any event, and they are locally made in Texas.

We have the iconic Light Blue Watermelon Gummy Bears that are fat-free as well. These gummys are flavored with juicy watermelons and are soft and chewed, so every bite is filled with intense flavor. They are perfect for any summer-themed event due to the fresh taste and the blue color. They also come in resealable packaging, so you can keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

There are many different ways to use these blue gummy bears! Enjoy!

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