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Blue Candies For Your Next Event

Posted on July 3rd, 2022
Blue Candies Party Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Blue Candies! What’s a party without a color scheme? When planning for an event, it’s important that each  and every detail is absolutely perfect. Working with a very specific color scheme can run into problems, though. Many distributors don’t offer ways to search products by color, so finding the perfect confection can be difficult. L’Orenta, however, has a system for that. Not only can we help you find all of the Blue Candies For Your Next Event, but we also have a tool to make it a snap!

In recent years, popular party ideas have branched out from typical themes to solid color blocks. At L’Orenta, we developed an in-house searching tool to assist you in those endeavors. With our new candy-by-color tool, you can now search for the exact hue you need. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a perfectly curated list of complimentary products. Have the products you want but need ideas to use them with? We can also help with that!

Gender Reveal Parties

We love a well-planned gender reveal! To welcome a new baby to

Light-blue-watermelon-gummy-bears-top-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Italian Biscotti

the family, there is nothing cuter than little baby bears. Fill baby bottles with our blue watermelon gummy bears and give as gifts tied with bows. Or, if you want to keep the surprise, hollow out a tier caked and fill it with the gummy bears instead! When you cut open the cake, you’ll know a bouncing baby boy is on his way.

Looking for a more dramatic reveal? Purchase a large bag of black balloons. Fill the balloons with our chocolate covered blueberries and milk-chocolate robins eggs before filling with helium. When you’re ready to wow the crowd, pop the balloons over a large bowl. Blue candies will come raining down to surprise the parents-to-be.

Proms and Dances

Prom is a memorable moment for high schoolers. Whether it’s -

good or bad, the dances, dates, and delicious treats won’t be forgotten! It’s important you make them count. If you find yourself planning for a Winter Wonderland or Iced Out theme, you will need some blue treats. We think diamond rings are a classic treat, even in candy form! To get started, use a bag of our gummy blue raspberry rings as your ring band. Using either a bit of buttercream frosting or by melting the ring a little, attach a gummy triple heart as a gemstone. Very chic!

If you’re hoping for a snack that is a little more low maintenance, we recommend jelly beans! Jelly beans can be bought in bulk and are always a crowd favorite. Pick up a bulk bag of our blueberry black licorice jelly belly jelly beans and pour into a large bowl for a classic look. You can also arrange the colors in layers or in separate bowls. They also make excellent balloon weights!

Gardening and Tea Parties

What better way to welcome spring than with a gorgeous gardening party? To celebrate all things natural, we create candied nests to serve with our tea! Start by cutting our raspberry gummy rings into strips using a sharp pair of scissors. Using a greased muffin tin that has been slightly heated, lay the shreds into a nest shape. The tin should be just hot enough to help them stick together, not totally melt! Once cool, remove the nests. No nest is complete without eggs, so add in a few of our milk chocolate marshmallow robin eggs.

Gardening parties look best when they are filled with vases of

Marshmallow-eggs-blue-lorentanuts Com Marshmallow

beautiful cut flowers. Instead of using water in the vases, why not go for a more edible touch? Wrap the stems of your cut flowers with wax paper and secure it with rubber bands. Arrange them as you would like in your vase, and then get creative with jelly beans! Create stripes with our blueberry orange jelly bean mix or go for a classic water look with plain blueberry jelly beans.

Pool and Beach Parties

There is nothing quite like a fun summer party by the poolside or on sun-warmed sand! Summer parties are the perfect time for eclectic themes, so we think a Jaws party would be a blast. To get started, find a large punch bowl and fill it with your favorite blue raspberry flavored lemonade or soda. Once your ocean is created, you can start adding in your creatures! Our blue gummy sharks and gummy whales are the perfect addition. If you want to mimic a shark attack, add a splash of grenadine when you serve!

If you’re worried about your gummies getting soggy, we have a solution! Turn your summer soiree into an ice cream party with blue and yellow sorbets or sherbets. Use a scoop of yellow sorbet on a cone and add a sprinkle of graham cracker dust for texture. Top with a scoop of blue sorbet or sherbet. Now decorate with our blue gummy sharks and gummy whales! Now you have the perfect summer treat.

Do our ideas have you seeing through blue-colored glasses? We hope so! Blue parties have an inherent chicness to them, so we hope our products create a lasting aesthetic. Whether you’re setting up to welcome baby blue or taking a dive in the pool, our Blue Candies For Your Next Event will be a perfect fit. Don’t forget to try out our candy-by-color tool for the future parties on your calendar, too! Event planning will be a snap with it!

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