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Add These Nuts to your Fall Desserts

Posted on October 22nd, 2018
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Add These Nuts to your Fall Desserts!

Add These Nuts to your Fall Desserts, it is a beautiful time of the year. With the fragrance of rain on leaves in the air, the colors of the trees and the reaping of the harvests – it is the perfect season to start thinking of ways to cuddle up until spring. As habitual creatures we spend the Fall months preparing for the long, cold winter; and part of that preparation involves planning luxurious and indulgent meals for the season ahead. Many of us fall into the trap of filling up with calorific, heavy junk foods when instead we should be looking at ways to bring the natural goodness of the season to our dinner tables. Adding some of L’Orenta’s gourmet nuts to a Fall dessert can add just the sumptuous touch you have been looking for.

Fall is Nut Season!

The reason many of us associate the onset of darker, longer nights with topping up on nutty goodness is because Fall is nut season! That’s right; the majority of your healthy snacking alternatives are all harvested at the end of August, meaning that we reap the optimal benefits all Autumn long. Not only that but they are easy to preserve via roasting – something that we here at L’Orenta’s are the masters of!

We love when Fall rolls around as it is the perfect season for getting some nutty nutrition into our diets. With that in mind we put together a list of our favorite fall nuts that will make your desserts divine and leave your guests coming back for more!

Fall Dessert Nuts: the Pistachio in its Shell

Our In-Shell Pistachio nuts can be used to create some fabulous dessert delicacies. When blitzed down and added to a creamed cheese these goodies make a fabulous cheesecake flavoring that really highlights the season. A Pistachio breadcrumb makes a fantastic alternative biscuit base and adds a rich helping of healthy nutrients to your dish to boot. The Pistachio has the added delight of being a lovely green color when it is purified – meaning that Halloween can get a lot more interesting while still retaining that healthy sheen! - The Health Benefits of Pistachios |  L’Orenta’s Nuts

Fall Dessert Nuts: Natural Pecan Halves

Our all-natural, slow roasted Pecan Halves are an ingenious way to spice up any dessert. With immune-strengthening properties these wrinkled nuts are brilliant when added to a rum and raisin sauce. If hot desserts are your thing try adding a rum and raisin, Pecan sauce to any fruit crumble for a truly decadent dish. Alternatively, smashed pecans make an excellent ice cream topping choice… that’s why we have so many delightful toffee-nut flavors out there!

Fall Dessert Nuts: Walnuts

When you choose a rich, succulent cake for your Fall Dessert this dinner party then make it a nutty Walnut sponge. Choose from caramelizing the nuts in sugar and using it as a topping, or baking the walnuts into the cake batter itself. Don’t like cake? The Walnut also make a nutritious addition to pancakes, can be dipped in chocolate for a delightful finish or can come sugar coated for your amusement. The choice is entirely yours: but however you do it start with L’Orenta’s finest Walnut Chandler Halves to ensure your experience is always one hundred percent divine.

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Fall Dessert Nuts: Hazelnuts

The humble Hazelnut is found in cooler climes around the world and makes the most versatile Fall nut for desserts. The Hazelnut can be caramelized, used as a coating or a crumb topping, it can be added to an ice cream, can be blitzed down into a sauce and can even be turned into oil to add just the essence of Fall succulence to any dish. Our whole and unadulterated Hazelnut Filberts boost brain health and make for an excellent accompaniment to any Fall dessert, just add a sprinkling to make any pudding that little bit more eloquent.

Fall Dessert Nuts: Whole Natural Almonds

Almonds represent the original marzipan flavored dessert nut. There are loads of sweet and tasty ideas utilizing our Whole Natural Almonds as their base; which have been perfectly designed to have all the gusto of Almond Essence while retaining all the sweet, mouth watering and delectable goodness of this marzipan flavored nut. The Almond goes perfectly with chocolate, balances out a savory dessert and is so naturally sweet it was like it was made to match desserts. For an expert finish spice them up with cinnamon or dip them in some of L’Orenta’s smooth, luxurious chocolate.

Fall Dessert Nuts: The Natural Cashew

Fully natural and naturally splendid; our Cashews are pure and nutritious, containing active compounds which help to lower cholesterol. Besides all of that an un-salted Cashew makes a great base for both sweet and savory dishes. Accentuate a lemon sponge with a crushed cashew sprinkling, or add texture to a platter by creating a Cashew Praline… Let’s not forget that, once toasted and dusted in icing sugar, the all natural cashew makes a brilliant sweet treat in its own right! Check out our all Natural Cashews now and get started!

Cashews Category Image

Fall Desserts Deserve Nuts

Fall desserts were literally developed with nuts in mind – that’s why things like Sticky Toffee Pudding are made all the more luscious with the addition of a little caramelized pecan. There are no ends to the amount of fun and sweet treats you can make for your family this Fall, start off with a bag of L’Orenta’s gourmet goodies and go from there!

L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks

L’Orenta’s have been family owned and operated since 1934, making us one of the longest running snack stores that exists. We delight ourselves in developing flavor concepts with a difference by balancing blends and accentuating all the right places. We want to share our unique blends and protein packed snack foods with you for any occasion – be it Fall or Summer, Thanksgiving or just a gift you are looking for. Here at L’Orenta’s nuts are our business, and we make some of the finest in all the land. Pop over to our page and shop now if you don’t believe us… the proof is in the pudding, as it were.

For Fall Dessert nuts that have spent all summer soaking up the sunshine make it L’Orenta’s, because we never compromise on quality.

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